Wedding Tip Tuesday - Take Dance Lessons

My wedding tip for this week is to take dance lessons. We bought an 8 lesson package, which included learning a short choreographed first dance. The whole experience was so magical, and feeling confident performing our first dance in front of everyone we love made all the work worth it.

First Dance

I highly recommend taking a few dance classes together before the big day. Your first dance is a magical moment, and it should be an experience that you enjoy instead of dread. Because we took dance lessons we loved performing our first dance, and still dance it around the apartment. We learned it bit by bit over the course of eight lessons, and also learned basic dance steps so that we could dance to everything the DJ played throughout the wedding reception. 

First Dance

If you don't want a choreographed first dance however, I think taking some lessons is still worth it. Learning the basic steps to a number of dances, like the hustle and the fox trot, made both of us enjoy dancing throughout the entire wedding reception. In addition, we have enjoyed dancing at parties ever since. For instance, we are so excited to dance the night away at the wedding we are attending at the end of April.

First Dance

Finally, learning to dance together was just fun! It was a wonderful experience that we will cherish forever. 

Have any of you taken dancing lessons? Did you have a choreographed first dance? I'd love to hear!