Happy Friday

Skiing at Whitetail
We went skiing in Pennsylvania over the holiday - It was so fun, and I’m happy to report I didn’t fall once!

We went skiing in Pennsylvania over the holiday - It was so fun, and I’m happy to report I didn’t fall once!

It’s the weekend again! Aren’t short weeks wonderful? I get so excited to get to hang out with my husband all weekend, even if we aren’t doing anything. We’ve currently been staying in since Winter Is Here and watching old movies and playing games. This past weekend we started a major jigsaw puzzle phase, which is so fun. We killed a 1000 piece puzzle in one afternoon somehow, time just flew by. If you ever need to pass time without thinking about anything, do a puzzle, haha.

The only not fun thing is that winter is killing my immune system. I keep getting sick and I am so over it. I hate being on medicine, it gives me such terrible stomach aches, and as I said - I’m over it. For instance, the newest ailment this week is an eye infection on my eyelid and I feel like I look like a muppet - hence the lack of photos of my face this week ;) Anyways, I’m drinking lots more orange juice than usual and hopefully my immune system gets back on track soon. On the bright side, it’s given me more time on the couch to roam the internet, and I’ve found lots of goodies for you this week!

I check in on what’s going on with American Girl dolls every now and then, I loved them so much as a kid, and the newest one sounds darling!

The colors of the new Tuckernuck scarves are stunning. I can’t decide whether I like the pink or light blue best - they both will be perfect for late winter and spring looks, and look like Hermes scarves!

Is J.Crew dead?

Carly’s take on using her iPad has really inspired me to doodle more on mine!

I can’t wait to make these tassel necklaces

I love seeing pictures of Rachel Parcell’s new home, it’s so beautiful and so enormous!

8 Style Tips Learned from Kate Middleton Last Year

 The Fendi Baguette, which always makes me think of Regina in Mean Girls, is back!

I just ordered this “Readers Paradise” puzzle and I can’t wait to put it together!  

All about the nursery for the upcoming royal baby - it sounds so high tech! 

These retro cat eye sunglasses look very Mrs. Maisel and are only $10 dollars!

The complete list of Oscar nominations. Woohoo Black Panther! 

I recently saw the Carolina Santo Domingo tote in ivory, and it is gorgeous! If you are going to be anywhere warm, it looks like the perfect complement to your outfit. Seriously, so pretty. 

What have you been enjoying this week? And have a wonderful weekend!