Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Glitter factory

Happy Friday everyone! Did you all have a good first week of 2019? Have you remembered to date things 2019? I’m not quite there yet… Also, I feel like 2019 sounds pretty normal, but 2020 sounds so far away and so futuristic! Is it just me?

This weekend we are staying low, it’s supposed to be pretty dreary and we are still recovering from the holidays. It was the best Christmas ever, but I am tired and need to take down my, sadly, very dead Christmas tree - we decided that our family tradition is going to be to take it down on Epiphany every year, to make it feel a little special. Do you have any traditions surrounding the removal of the Christmas tree? Neither of us did growing up, and it always felt a little arbitrary and capricious, the way it would come down early some years and late others. The twelfth day of Christmas however seems just right!

Anyways, here are some of my favorite internet finds of the week -

The Lilly Pulitzer sale is here! It starts in stores on Saturday and online on Monday through Tuesday, with more inventory added on Tuesday. You can read all my tips about shopping the sale here. The prices on the sale are always such a great deal - I’ve gotten tops and shorts for the same price I’d pay at Target! On Monday once everything is released I’ll post all the best finds from the sale :)

I loved this article about a glitter factory - I had no idea that glitter is so hard to define

If you love the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel you’ll love these books

I’m in love with all the Libby VanderPloeg home goods at Anthropologie - these city themed juice glasses and the rainy day towels look like the perfect way to add some color to the kitchen during these dark winter days

I love Julia’s take on winter dressing - bring on the pastels!

How darling is this cozy pink and cream heart blanket at Target? And it’s under $10!

Jenn has some great thoughts on achieving New Years Resolutions

Some great clean beauty product recommendations

I am obsessed with these tassel earrings! I think they’ll be my next statement earrings, but what color? The blues are just so pretty.

I really want to catch up on Victoria on PBS before the new season comes out - have you watched it?

Have a wonderful weekend!