What I Read In September

What I read in September

September was full of great books! I’ve gotten into some great habits for reading recently - I read for about 15-30 minutes while I eat breakfast and lunch, and then some more at night while JD watches sports, along with when I’m on the metro or bus. It’s amazing how breaking a book up into smaller chunks like that really allows you to breeze through it. That, and having a long reading queue full of good books you can’t wait to read!

September was full of romance, mystery, and some guilty pleasure reading! I recommend all of it!

Three Things About Elsie - 4.5/5 - This is the story of Florence, an older woman who moved into an assisted living community and is having trouble getting acclimated. One day a new resident moves in, and Elsie is sure it is a shady figure from her past who died decades ago. She enlists the help of new friends to get to the bottom of the mystery, and the result is adventurous and heart warming. I loved that it’s an adventure story about older people, instead of older people reminiscing about the adventures of their youth. You don’t see that very often!

The Bride Test - 4/5 - This is by the author of The Kiss Quotient. It’s the story of a young man, Khai, with autism whose mother goes to Vietnam to find him a bride. Esme comes to America eager to make the most of her opportunity to find love and improve her lot in life. The two quickly fall for each other, but it takes a while for them to realize it and break down their personal barriers. I found the story cute and heartwarming, and it was a great reminder that people are not what they seem.

Tell Me Everything - 5/5 - I loved this book! It follows Malin and her group of friends throughout their college years at a private school in rural Maine. The books flips between transformative moments in Malin’s childhood, freshman year, and senior year. At the beginning of the book you realize that not all of the friends live to see graduation, but you don’t know who dies or why. It’s super engrossing, and the end dark and satisfying.

The Luxe Series - 3/5 - This is a gossipy romance series about the young and fabulously wealthy in 1890’s NYC. It’s a fun mix of Victorian etiquette and Gossip Girl. All of the characters have a juicy secret, and who’s dating who, and who’s who’s enemy changes chapter by chapter. It’s definitely not “quality literature” but it’s fun and soapy and I loved reading about fancy ballgowns and handsome coach boys. If you want a fun read to curl up with this fall, this one’s for you.

Did you read anything good in September? Please share!