Happy Friday

The Little Book of Hygge

Happy Friday everyone! Did you all have a nice week? Did you weather through the cold okay? It is not nearly as cold here in D.C. as in the rest of the country but we still saw the temperature drop! I don’t think my husband has ever spent this much time in frigid weather, so he’s been a real trooper. I knit him a hat in the fall and he’s gotten lots of use out of it. We also finally turned on the heat - I like my home cold, but it was too cold even for me - have been drinking lots of tea and snuggling under blankets. That’s honestly most of what we did this week, try and stay warm while we worked and cooked and jigsaw puzzled. This weekend is supposed to warm up so I’m looking forward to venturing out and maybe going to the Library of Congress or a museum and watching the Patriots win the Super Bowl. Let’s Go Pats! Are you watching the game? Who are you cheering for?

Here’s the pattern I used to knit my husband’s hat. It was pretty easy and the pattern is easy to follow.

These Super Bowl snacks sound delicious - maple-bacon popcorn? Yes please!

I just saw the Staud Sadie bag and I am in love - it has a vintage vibe with a modern twist that I think is just lovely.

I enjoyed reading this interview with makeup artist Nam Vo, there are so many good product recommendations!

Love Stories to read this Valentine’s Day

Kelly has convinced me to invest in some Rothy’s, the loafers are my favorite!

Why there won’t be any conversation hearts this Valentine’s Day

Some of the best new handbags for Spring 2019

Shows to watch on Netflix now that Good Place is done for the year

Cute bunny videos - who else can’t resist?

I hope you all have a fun weekend! Enjoy the Super Bowl if you’re watching!