Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

red roses
red roses
red roses

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Whether you are spending the day with your fella, your girlfriends, or by your self (I know I’ve done all three over the years) I hope you are taking some time to enjoy yourself and feel special! I think you are all amazing, and I am so grateful you take the time to come and read my blog every day and leave such sweet comments. So, will you all be my Valentine?

If you haven’t got any set plans yet, here are a few easy ideas to make the night feel special:

-Watch your favorite movie with some comfort food. For me that means a big bowl of pasta and Beauty and the Beast.

-Treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers for your counter. I love the Trader Joe’s bouquets!

-Go with some friends to the movies - a movie on a weeknight can feel like such a treat! I just saw the Lego Movie 2 and it was really, really good. Very fun and clever, just like the first one.

-Cook a dinner in that includes some “special” foods that you wouldn’t normally splurge on. Cooking with girlfriends is so much fun, and it’s also one of my favorite date nights! Or, put on the newest episode of RHOBH and cook for yourself while dancing to the drama.

-Take some time to read that book you’ve been meaning to or start that craft project that you’re excited about.

-Have an at home spa night with friends or yourself. You could even video chat with friends who are far away while you apply face masks and nail polish.

-Finally, binge watch Parks and Rec. If you are even a little be down this Valentine’s Day that show will perk you right up, I promise!

Happy Valentine’s Day!