Hygge Essentials

I recently finished The Little Book of Hygge and now I am obsessed with making sure our life is as Hygge as possible. Hygge is a Danish term that loosely translates into a sense of coziness and warmth, a moment focused on the little things that make you happy. It is often associated with the colder months, but the sense of joy is one that can be accomplished all year long. One of my goals with All That Glitters has always been to help people find joy in the little things, so I’m so excited to continue that mission by sharing Hygge with you. I am also a big fan of being as cozy as possible whenever I am home, I call it being comfy cozy, so Hygge speaks to me a lot in that way too. I’ll take a warm blanket and a cup of tea over just about anything : )

Since Hygge is a feeling of warmth and coziness, there is not one set of activities or items that means Hygge for everyone. There are certain categories of items that will instantly evoke Hygge, and I’ve put those together for you here -

Hygge Essentials

One - A warm cozy sweater to keep you nice and comfortable and toasty both inside and outside on long winter nights (or cold spring days). I really love L.L.Bean ones; they are very cozy and the quality is so good that they last year after year.

Two - Making Danish paper hearts is one of my favorite crafts. They are so easy to make, and also assembling them creates such a wonderful memory. I recommend having a craft night with friends or kids and making them in spring colors.

Three - A cozy blanket to cuddle up with to watch a good movie, read a good book, or even just watch the world go by out the window.

Four - A steaming hot beverage. I particularly love this mug - it’s basically my life motto (that and have book will travel : )

Five - A good book.

Six - Not many things are more hygge than burning candles. Many Danes burn several at a time every day.

Seven - Warm wool socks to keep your toes toasty.

Eight - The Danes believe in treating yourself, especially with their namesake pastry. Extra hygge points if you make it yourself.

Nine - Knitting is very hygge, which I love since it’s one of my favorite activities. There is nothing quite as relaxing as cuddling up with some yarn and knitting needles and watching a quiet television show, or listening to calming music. If you are interested in learning how to knit this kit looks like a good place to start.

Have you heard of hygge before? Which aspects of the lifestyle would you adopt?