Happy Friday!

Glitter Handbag

What a fast week! I feel like I blinked and it was Wednesday, and now it’s Friday! It was a pretty basic week, filled with errands and to do lists and a new puzzle, and it flew by. I’m looking forward to a fun weekend ahead. I have a few good books lined up, and my husband, JD, and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day a little early. When the holiday falls on a weekday we like to go out the weekend before, and then on Valentine’s Day itself we stay in and have a nice homemade dinner. This year we are going to go see the LEGO movie and I think go to Legal Seafoods, though I’m not positive about the restaurant. For Valentine's Day itself I’m making homemade pasta and maybe lava cakes. I haven’t finalized the dessert yet, but I’m pretty excited to make it! I love a good themed baked good.

Here are some of the things I enjoyed online this week -

The Romantic History of the puzzle purse Valentine

Glitter purses are in, and I’m super excited about it!

The best glitter makeup

I think I need these blossom earrings in my life! They are the perfect size, and I love that the seed bead detailing at the center adds interest and a little sparkle.

These Demellier handbags have been seen on the arms of a lot of the royals lately. Isn’t the leather gorgeous? I really like the pink and red combo, surprisingly.

These mousse parfaits sound amazing

Valentine’s Day cocktails to try

Jennifer Lawrence is engaged!

A great tip for keeping your necklaces from tangling when you layer them

Barbie, the ultimate influencer

Trader Joes Valentine’s Day treats

Target Sugarfix (the Baublebar Target line) jewelry is 20%! These earrings look a lot like the Madewell ones. I also think these are really pretty and they are $6.39!

Have a great weekend everybody!