My Favorite Podcasts Right Now

my favorite podcasts

Over the past few months I have incorporated a number of different podcasts into my daily routine and I’m really enjoying it! Listening to an episode is such a great way to pass the time during a long walk or train ride, or on those occasions where I have to drive somewhere (which is admittedly far less than it used to be now that we live in a city). Here are my current favorites -

  1. Fat Mascara - This is a beauty podcast. Jessica Matlin (beauty director at Harper’s Bazaar) and Jennifer Goldstein (beauty director at Marie Claire) share their thoughts on current trends, new beauty tips, and interview guests like Charlotte Tilbury and Miranda Kerr.

  2. The Glossy Beauty Podcast - This is another beauty based podcast where the host Priya Rao interviews “change makers” in the beauty industry such as the Revlon Chief Content Officer and Flesh Beauty founder Linda Wells or the head of beauty acquisitions at L’Oreal, Carol Hamilton. I love how the show gives you a peak behind the curtain at how these beauty companies are run, it’s so fascinating!

  3. How I Built This - I particularly love the Emily Weiss episode! Guy Rao interviews the founders behind some of the world’s most known businesses and asks them how they built their company and also the movement connected to the company.

  4. Bad On Paper - This podcast is by Grace Atwood (of The Stripe) and Becca Freeman. The duo discusses books they are reading, banter about their week, and interview guests like Blair Eadie of Atlantic x Pacific.

  5. Weekly Dose of BS - Ok, so this podcast definitely isn’t informative, but it adds some humor to mundane chores like getting to the grocery store! Friends and stars of the Real Housewives of Dallas Stephanie Hollman and Brandi Redmond banter about everything from lunch to the Housewives and everything in between.

I’m always interested in what podcasts other people are listening to so that I can find more favorites! So, what podcasts are you listening to?