Happy Friday

pink and green for St. Patrick's Day

I can’t believe it’s already Friday! March is just zipping by - normally it drags, but not this year! Above is a picture from St. Patrick’s day. We went to Martin’s Tavern in Georgetown and got to sit at the Proposal Booth, where JFK proposed to Jackie! I was pretty excited about it! Also, I wore this Lilly dress since it had green in it and I love it so much! It’s such classic prep with the pink and green and the cut is so flattering. Plus, it’s great to have a dress with a sleeve.

This upcoming weekend we don’t have much going on so I’m looking forward to taking long strolls outside to take in more of the pretty spring flowers and trying out some new recipes. Since we don’t eat meat on Friday during Lent I’m going to make a fisherman’s stew, and I’m pretty excited about it! That, and probably a new dessert because you know I can’t resist sweets ; )

Glossier is now valued at over $1 billion after a successful series D funding

The purple sequin Fendi baguette is back and it is a whole lot of purse

These wine roasted strawberries sound amazing

Glossier released a new mango lip balm

Cupcakes and Cashmere just launched shoes and I’m pleasantly surprised by how cute the kitten heels look

Lilly Pulitzer has gifts with purchase this weekend! They are so cute, I love the pattern they picked, and I love, love how soft this velvet robe is (which qualifies for presents : )

Kate and the Queen make a very cute duo

 I’m very intrigued by ice rollers now!

I always love the Into The Gloss beauty March Madness


Have a great weekend!