Springtime Blooms

pink and white striped dress for spring
spring flowers in Washington DC

This spring I am very excited to wear lots of pink so that I match all of the flowers that are blooming throughout the city. Since pink is my favorite color to wear anyway, I don’t anticipate it being much of a struggle, lol!, but I’ve still been excited to add a few new pink pieces to my wardrobe. One of the first is this darling ruffle neck dress. Doesn’t it match the spring bouquet perfectly? And, as a side note, I may need to decorate my whole home with cherry blossoms, they are just so pretty.

pink and white striped dress for spring

I love the way the ruffles add a pseudo collar to the dress. It frames the face so nicely and adds a little more interest to the simple pinstripes. The dress is called the Tisbury Shift and it is so comfortable. It’s made out of a soft stretchy cotton, so you feel like you are in form fitting pajamas the whole time you have it on. It fits true to size, and isn’t too short. Also, as a side note - it’s one of those dresses that looks better on a person than on the hanger, so if you see it in store be sure to try it on before you pass on it : )

peeping Easter chick

Before I left home for the day I put on my spring jacket (I’ll be featuring this coat soon, I absolutely love it!) and the new D.C. Murphy scarf. It has a number of the big D.C. landmarks on it, like the Lincoln Memorial and the Smithsonian, as well as cherry blossoms. Isn’t the color scape pretty?

pink and white striped dress for spring

Dress / Sweater / Scarf (sold in stores)

What color are you most excited to wear this spring?