March Reading List

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Happy April everyone! March went by a lot faster than usual this year, at least for me, and was full with so many good books. I continued with my New Year’s goal of reading more non-fiction, fit in a few rom-com’s, a mystery and some good novels. Here’s my book list and review -

The Banker’s Wife - 3/5 - This is a fast moving mystery, which was outside the box for me since I don’t usually read mysteries. The book was fun and fast paced, a great read for vacation or plane rides. It’s the story of a Swiss Banker’s wife and what happens after her husband dies in a plane crash, along with the story of the Swiss Bank’s shady clients. I can’t share the reason I gave it 3/5 instead of 5 without spoiling it, so let me just say that while parts of it are not the most realistic, it was a great fun read that I recommend!

Commonwealth - 5/5 - This is another book by Ann Patchett, who wrote Bel Canto (which I read earlier this year). I’ve really enjoyed going through her novels. Commonwealth tells the story of two families united and divided by marriage and divorce. Later on in the children’s life an author writes a novel about them which sets off a chain reaction of events that further unite and divide the characters. I think she’s an excellent writer - her characters are all perfectly flawed without feeling like cartoons, and you feel like you feel a deep connection with all of them.

99 Perent Mine - 2/5 - This is another romance novel by Sally Thorne (she wrote The Hating Game, which I thoroughly enjoyed). Unfortunately, this book just didn’t do it for me. I didn’t like the main character that much, and found it quite predictable. It’s a fast read, however, so if you are in the mood for a sappy love story or a good beach book I say give it a go since you won’t kill much time if you don’t like it.

I Owe You One - 3/5 - This is another romance novel. I thought it was sweet, and had a great meet cute, but that otherwise it was fine. I didn’t dislike it, I just didn’t love it. I think part of the problem was that I just wasn’t super in the mood for a com rom, but since my library hold was going to expire I read it anyway. Again, if you are in the mood for a rom com or a good beach read it’s cute and quick to finish.

Educated: A Memoir - 5/5 - Oh my goodness, I loved this book. Memoir isn’t normally my genre of choice, but this book just blew me away. It is about the author’s childhood in a very, very, very strict Mormon household that doesn’t believe in modern medicine or schools. The author never attends school until she steps food on the BYU campus as a freshman, and manages to graduate with a doctorate from Cambridge University. Her story, and her views on what makes up an education, make this book a must read.

Where The Crawdads Sing - 3/5 - This is a novel about a young girl from the North Carolina marshes who is abandoned by her family and raises herself. She faces so much prejudice from the town, but still manages to grow up into a remarkable young woman who knows the Marsh better than anyone. When a local town hero is found dead, however, the town remembers everything strange about her instead of everything good about her and accuse her of murder. The story unfolds very smoothly, and I loved the description of the marsh wildlife. Despite all that, I just didn’t love it, though I do recommend it!

Have you read any good books lately? Please share! Also, I put all the books I’ve read over on the Book List tab : )