My Spring Bucket List

Spring Tulips in Washington DC

Is it just me or has this year just flown by so far? There is so much I want to do before summer sets in (and the corresponding heat!) and yet I blink and weeks of spring are gone! To combat the problem I have created a bucket list of everything I want to accomplish before spring is over, and I thought it would be fun to share in case it gives you any inspiration!

1. Make soy wax candles

2. Record my family recipes

3. Go on a picnic  

4. Take a drive through the countryside to see more spring flowers 

5. Make a meal on the grill and eat outside

6. Finish another jigsaw puzzle

7. Update our framed pictures with new photos  

8. Go Kayaking and or hiking 

9.  Call all my friends who live far away and I haven’t spoken to recently 

10. Do something touristy - Mount Vernon or Monticello or even the zoo

11. Master the perfect monitor recipe

Whats in your list this spring?