The Most Marvelous Earrings

It’s no secret at this point that I love a great statement earring! I think they make every outfit feel fun and special, and can add so much glamour and style to your wardrobe. These past few weeks I’ve been blown away at how many amazing statement earrings are out right now, and at all price points. I’ve been constantly scrolling through sites like Baublebar, Lisi Lerch, Antrho and Nordstrom with a giant grin on my face while I look at all the fabulous, marvelous designs! Below are all my favorites, which I think have enough style and pizazz to even wow my favorite Mrs. Maisel!

the most marvelous earrings

1. Lisi Lerch Shelly Earrings - I think you are going to see a lot of scallop earrings this spring and summer. I really like the drama of these oversized stud earrings, and the pearls add a little bit of glamour. Aren’t they perfectly preppy? I also like the seashell topped hoops for a more subtle take on the trend.

2. Renata Raffia Heart Earrings - How cute are these pink hearts? I love the texture of the raffia, it makes them less sweet and very on trend. Extra texture is a great way to add interest to an outfit, and I love the bright pop of pink!

3. Cayman Drop Earrings - When I saw these online I let out a squeal of delight! How fun are they?!! I think they would look amazing with a solid color or white top and some patterned shorts or skort. Slick your hair into a low bun and you’ll have the cutest outfit in the trip-state area : )

4. Orchid Earrings - I have these stud earrings in white and I love the pink option too! They literally go with anything, and the petals are this cool clay-feeling material so they don’t add any shine or glare to your outfit (other than the small rhinestones in the middle). I love them!

5. Metal Petal Drop Earrings - I love the 3-D aspect of these earrings, and the hammered gold makes for such a lovely sheen. Kate Spade has done so many cool new things with their spade logo lately, and these earrings might be the best yet!

6. Azure Fiesta Earrings - These oversized earrings are the perfect blend of bright and whimsical. The fringe detail is so fun, and I love how bright they are! They come in pink too!

7. Kate Bamboo Earrings - I love the bamboo design of these drop earrings. I think it looks both modern and mod and adds so much drama. Perfect for summer! Also, the earrings are a bit heavy, but they come in a clip version to better distribute the weight which is so smart!

8. Flower Statement Earrings - I think these earrings are so sweet and retro. Plus, they go with any outfit! I really love the shape of the flowers, they look like something Drew Barrymore would wear don’t you think?

9. Crystal & Blossom Clip on Earrings - I love the yellow! The enamel color is just so fun. Don’t yellow earrings just make you want to bounce around all day? Plus they are super pretty.

10. Camila Drop Earrings (on sale!) - These simple pink earrings will add a touch of shine and a lot of glamour to your outfit. They are just the prettiest shade of pink!

11. Parrot Earrings - I mean, how cute are these! If the sparkle of the cayman earrings was too much for you, then I think you’ll love these fringed parrots!

12. Kiera Raffia Statement Earrings - These earrings also come in a rainbow, but I love these natural ones so much. I think the textured neutral dangles will pair perfectly with a more colorful outfit. The ivory color means you can wear dramatic earrings without going over the top with the look.

13. White Vivi Earrings - These earrings are dramatic and I love them. I first saw them on Cameron on Southern Charm, and I was initially skeptical of how big they are, but now I’m pretty much obsessed with them. They are just so glamorous!

14. Tricia Lavender Earrings - These earrings are made to add some glamour! I like the unique shape a lot, and they come in lots of colors. I’m hoping to add them to my collection soon!

15. Sierra Raffia Stud Earrings - It’s really hard to find light green earrings, and these are the perfect color. I also love the flower shape and the fact that they are textured. I think they’ll pair great with some of my shifts that have a little bit of light green in the pattern.

16.. Ring Hoop Earrings - I think these hoops are a great every day earring that isn’t boring. A great wardrobe staple you’ll wear on repeat.

What pair are your favorite? Have you seen any good earrings I need to know about?