Handbag Trends for Spring and Summer 2019

I think it’s no secret that I love a good handbag. I think they add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, and I love how they meld style and function. I’ve always loved a good accessory (I even had a Fischer Price purse as a toddler, one of my favorite toys!) and I think I really got on the bandwagon one summer when my friend from Girls State taught me how to spot a fake, lol. Since then I’ve loved knowing what’s in and what’s out, and have loved figuring what’s on trend for this season! Here’s what’s in for spring and summer 2019!

Handbag Trends for Spring and Summer 2019

Convertible Basket Bags - These bags can be shoulder bags or crossbody bags. My favorite is the Kate Spade Rose Convertible Bag I’ve been carrying everywhere.

Neutral Colored Totes - These bags are probably the most convenient since they hold a lot of stuff. The brighter colors match summer outfits so well! This is the MZ Wallace one pictured above, and I also love a beige Longchamp tote.

Structured Top Handled Bags - These lady like bags are gorgeous! I love the retro vibe to them, they are very Midge Maisel to me. The timeless shape and design means they will never truly go out of style either.

Convertible Totes - These totes can double as a traditional tote or a cross body satchel. the detachable strap adds convenience and a some interest with the extra hardware. I really like this Mansur Gavriel one, the wave detailing on the side is so cool looking.

Bucket Basket Bags - Two of the hottest trends over the past few years, bucket bags and basket bags, have melded together and I like it! This bucket basket bag is my favorite, I love that it holds all your essentials and adds so much texture to an outfit.

Dome Satchels - I’ve seen these dome satchels pop up more and more lately. Kate Spade has a great one (I love the pink!), Balenciaga has one, and now Mansur Gavriel too. It’s a full on trend!

Beaded Bags - The trend started with this Shrimps bag, and now it’s popping up all over. This dupe on Amazon looks exactly the same to me, and is about 10% the price!

Canvas Bags with Leather Trim - I love the pairing of canvas and leather and it’s popping up all over this spring. This Paravel bag might be my favorite, it’s so unique!

Mini Duffel Bags - This trend is just starting, and with the Mansur Gavriel site already sold out, plus wait listed items, I feel confident saying you’re going to see it grow a lot. This blue-gray option is a stunner.

Half Moon Bags - Half Moon crossbones are in this season too. The shape is very pretty, and I like the rounded edges after so many season of rectangle camera bags (I like those too, it’s just nice to see a change!) Plus they are cross bodies and still convenient.

Drawstring Top Basket Bags - A new and functional take on the basket bag. This season I’m seeing a bunch of them pop up with linings that drawstring closed on the top so that your stuff doesn’t fall out and you can’t see inside.

What’s your favorite?