What I Read In April

what I read in April

Happy May everyone! Another month, more books and more reviews! I didn’t read quite as many in April as I would have liked; I was on the library wait list for a while which slowed me down, and then I read American Pop at a slower pace than usual. Overall, I’d say in April I either loved what I read or felt very meh about it. We’ll see if that holds true for May too.

Here’s what I read, in order of reading -

State of Wonder - 3/5 - This is another book by the wonderful Ann Patchett. I really enjoyed the writing of this book and found it very creative and unique. It is the story of Marina Singh, a doctor who works for a drug company that is developing a wonder fertility drug. Her colleague goes down to the Amazon to investigate why the drug has been delayed and he succumbs to fever and dies. Marina follows him down to the Amazon to retrieve his belongings in the hopes of bringing the wife closure, and finds something completely different than she intended. There is a big twist in the middle, which I really liked. Overall it was good but not outstanding.

American Pop - 2/5 - This is a novel about the Forster family over multiple generations. The Forsters developed a drink akin to Coca Cola and became American royalty over the years. It follows various family members through their lives and is written like a biography. My gripe with the book is that every chapter is about a different character and takes place at a different time (completely out of order). It made it very hard to “get into” the book, especially since I didn’t develop an affinity for any of the characters. Overall it was a slow read and a just okay book.

Bad Blood - 4/5 - This is a non fiction account of Theranos, the blood testing company, and it’s founder Elizabeth Holmes. The book follows the company from it’s beginnings, and details all of the ways it went wrong over the years, ending in the present investigation. I learned a lot about Silicon Valley, how start-ups a valued and funded, and about Theranos in particular. I found it very fascinating, especially since it’s still a big news story. If you want to read some non-fiction, it’s very engaging and very interesting!

Kingdom of Ash - 5/5 - This is the final book in the Throne of Glass series, which is a YA series about a magic world being invaded by demons and the cast of characters who seek to save it. If you like adventure and fantasy books, I highly recommend it! It’s fun and engaging and keeps you on your toes, plus the characters are very likely. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll just say that you should read it!

I’ve really enjoyed writing these monthly reading recaps! I love giving people book recommendations, and it’s also held me accountable to my goal to read more non-fiction and less trash. I hope you’ve found some books you like!