What is a serum?

You here a lot of skincare product terms these days - day cream, night cream, serum, exfoliator, chemical exfoliator. Once of the most generic and confusing, I think, is serum, since there are so many different kinds with so many different ingredients! Basically, a serum is a lightweight skincare product that is full of active ingredients that help your skin. Many have moisturizing agents, but they can also help with things like acne, dullness and signs of aging. Into The Gloss wrote a good primer a few years ago about it here.

New Glossier Supers

Serums can be on the pricier side, unfortunately, which is why I love that Glossier has just released new and improved versions of their serums, The Supers. Super Pure is great for blemishes; whenever I see a pimple coming and use Super Pure it vanishes. Super Glow how vitamin C which makes it great for combating overall dullness, like when your skin just looks bleh. Finally, Super Bounce is full of hyaluronic acid, a great moisturizing agent!

new Glossier Supers

What makes the the serums difference? First, they are double the size! Second, they increased the hyaluronic acid concentration in Super Bounce to 2%. Glossier also changed the texture of Super Glow so that it is now more of a “milky emulsion.”

They are $28 each or $65 for all three. Plus get 10% off your first Glossier order with my rep link!

Do you use a serum? What’s your favorite?