All The Best Seashell Earrings

One of the big earrings trends of the spring and summer is scallop seashell earrings. I’ve seen them in many forms and colors - large stud earrings, gold dangles, acrylic statements earrings, etc., and I love them all! I think they are such a fun nod to summer beach days, and have a definite preppy ascetic. Don’t you agree? I think they’ll go especially well with a white and blue striped top or bright colored shift! Here are all of my favorites -

All The Best Seashell Earrings

One - Pearl Oyster Drop Earrings - I love the pearl!

Two - Shell Kite Earrings - These are only $6.39! I love how they are delicate but the chandelier shape still makes a statement.

Three - Shell Drop Earrings - I think these are just gorgeous. They are so special, they make the perfect addition to all of your dressier summer outfits.

Four - Elsa Shell Drop Earrings - I love how these look just like a gilded shell!

Five - Seashell Hooped Post Earrings - I think these are just so delicate and pretty, so different from the other variations on the scallop.

Six - Embellished Shell Drop Earrings - These Sugarfix earrings are a steal; they are on sale for $10.39! And they have the prettiest blue accents!

Seven - Tiered Shell Drop Earrings - I also love these Sugarfix earrings. Aren’t the pastel shells so pretty?

Eight - Rouge Double Mermaid Earrings - What a great name! These earrings are large and make such a fun statement, perfect for dressing up a simple tee or sundress!

Nine - Summer Gold Mermaid Earrings - I love these! They are light weight and have the tiniest amount of sparkle in the gold. I just got them and can’t wait to wear them all summer long.

Ten - Ashore Drop Earrings - How fun are those triple scallops? Plus, the color would pair well with black tops and dresses.

Eleven - Scallop Shell Dangle Post Earrings - I think the double scallops on these earrings look so elegant! Plus they are gold for more sensitive earlobes.

What pair is your favorite? Do you think you’ll wear scallop earrings?