Happy Friday!

Mount Vernon gardens

What a quick week! Maybe because I’m so excited for the weekend? I’m looking forward to soaking all of this sunny cool weather in, perhaps going to the zoo, and relaxing on the coach with my latest obsession, SmartFood popcorn (not very original, but so delicious!) Between that and a Nats game I’m really looking forward to the weekend! What about you? Any fun plans on the horizon?

Here are some other things entertaining me this week -

A great hair tutorial! Such a lovely low bun

I’m in love with these boots, especially the pinkish taupe color - they’d go so well with all the pink I wear in the fall! (and all year round, lol)

Five stretches you can do at your desk

Aren’t these Polene bags gorgeous? They look like something from one of the big fashion houses but are so much less (not cheap, but way less)

I’ve been really enjoying a few pretzels with white chocolate for dessert - just put some pretzels in a bowl with white chocolate chips on top and microwave them for 30 seconds plus another 30 seconds. Voila!

Sorry Starbucks, Dunkin pumpkin is my favorite

These beauty themed dog toys are so fun!

I loved Grace’s explanation of what goes into running her blog and podcast

Have a great weekend everyone!