August Reading List

August Book List

What a fun month for reading! I finally got off the library wait list for a number of books, and the timing lined up perfectly with our beach trip! Reading by the water is one of my favorite things, especially when it’s a book you can’t put down! Since it was the end of summer August consisted mostly of beach and pool reads, with a fantasy book thrown in for good measure. If you are looking for some books you can’t put down, I highly recommend all of these!

The Last Mrs. Parrish - 3.5/5 - This is your classic beach read. It’s about the perfect family and psycho imposter who tries to ruin their lives. Mrs. Parrish has everything - a loving husband, gobs of money, and beautiful children. Amber has none of those things, and pretends to be someone she’s not so she can weasel her way into the family and steal Mr. Parrish away. It seams like your classic Lifetime Movie until a giant twist that was so satisfying!

The Night Tiger - 4/5 - This novel is pretty hard to explain the plot to, to be honest. It’s loosely about five people in Malaya who are linked together by fate and a finger…The book is full of myths, murder, and love. I found it really engrossing despite the fact that the plot was very slow to unwind.

The Silent Patient - 4/5 - Another thriller! This one follows the story of a famous artist who killed her husband and the never spoke again and the psychiatrist who is obsessed with her. I didn’t guess the book plot twist at all, which is so satisfying, and read it in a couple of days. Every chapter leaves you wanting to know more!

The Lying Game - 4/5 - I loved this book! It’s, you guessed it, another thriller. It’s the story of four girls who become inseparable friends when they attend a boarding school together in England. Years later they are drawn together again when a body is found, which is the last thing any of them wants…As the plot unfolds you feel the intensity of their friendship while simultaneously wonder who’s a killer.

Two Can Keep A Secret - 3.5/5 - A YA thriller at it’s best! This is by the same author as One of Us Is Lying and I enjoyed it just as much! It follows two twins who are forced to spend their senior year of high school with their grandmother who they barely know at her home in Vermont. The town is famous because every decade or so one of it’s popular high school residents is found dead. The twins are determined to be detectives and find out who the fiend is before one of their friends is the next victim.

Once Upon A River - 3/5 - This book is by the same author as The Thirteenth Tale, which I love! It’s a fantasy book that takes place in rural England along the Thames. A young girl appears one night and everyone believes she’s dead, until she comes back to life. Over the next year a number of different families believe she’s their relative, and no one can agree on what to do about it. The book is intertwined with local folklore about the Thames, and keeps you wondering about what’s real and what’s fantasy. A fun read and the characters are lovely!

Whisper Network - 3/5 - This novel is a store about the Me Too movement. It follows a group of woman who work at a company in Dallas; three are attorneys and one is a cleaning lady. They have all had run ins with the In House Counsel and decide to sue for sexual harassment. The results are unexpected and messy! I enjoyed the power of female friendship in the story, though I did find the author to be a bit heavy handed with how difficult it is to be a woman “in a man’s world.”

Did you read anything good in August? Please share!