My favorite Kitchen Accessories

We all know the major items that make up kitchen decor. The space is filled with cabinets and sinks and appliances that can cost a whole lot of money and take up a lot of space. There are, however, smaller kitchen accessories that can make a decorating statement. I'm currently on the hunt for some, so I thought I would share what I am looking for, and what I recently found that I love. 

copper accent pieces for the kitchen

1. Copper accent pieces. I wrote here about how I love the copper trend and that hasn't changed. We have a copper banana holder, canisters and paper towel holder and the color really brightens up our otherwise gray/white kitchen. I really love this fruit basket too, and it's on sale! 

2. Vase with flowers. We got this vase as a wedding present, and I keep it filled with hydrangeas (the flower at our wedding). It makes me smile every time I look at it, which is constantly since it's in the center of our kitchen island. It's also a great way to bring lots of different colors into the room.

gingham dish towels

3. Dish Towels - I love keeping different dish towels on the oven for the different seasons. Right now I'm on the hunt for something blue and white and gingham. These look perfect!

Anthropologie kitchen bowls

4. I'm on the hunt for some decorative bowls to add color to the room. I want ones that are large enough to fit keys and the other random items that end up speckling the counter by the front door. I really like the size of these, and the fact that they have a pattern on the outside and not just the inside. 

5. Finally, I think having a cute spoon rest, salt and pepper shakers, and trivet adds a lot of personality to a room. I have this spoon rest which I think is the cutest ever, my bunny salt and pepper shakers and am currently shopping for a fun summer trivet. So far this one is in the lead.

I love being able to switch out small items in the kitchen to match the season and my mood. Have you found anything special or fun recently for the kitchen? Please share!