Happy Friday Friends!

Cheers to another weekend! I was out of work on Monday, so this week went by so quickly! I honestly can't believe it is already Friday, but I'll take it, haha. We are going on a quick getaway with friends and I am looking forward to laying in the shade and doing lots of beach reading. Fingers crossed the sun stays out. 

Flashback to Kate and I enjoy the RAF event 

Flashback to Kate and I enjoy the RAF event 

This week I'm excited about the Nordstrom sale! I posted about my favorite beauty finds, and today I'm really excited that the classic J.Crew pajamas are on sale! Here's short sleeves and pants, long sleeves and pants and short sleeves and shorts.

I've been doing a lot more reading lately and recently finished Circe, The Great Alone and Everything I Never Told You. I would recommend all of them, but they were not light reading. The Great Alone, for instance, kept me up well into the night. 

I'm completely crushing on dark green recently. Some of my favorites are:

Finally, I can't wait to bake these salted caramel cookie bars some time soon!