Happy Friday!

Happy Friday friends! Did everyone have a nice week? Did it go quickly? Mine sure did! Basically, I blinked and it was Thursday. I think this weekend is going to go by pretty quickly too; I'm going to Orlando to see family and friends and that always flies by. What about you, and fun plans? 

Stuart beach

I've been making acai bowls a lot lately and it's way easier than I thought! The Trader Joes acai packets make it so easy to get a thick texture. Does anyone else like acai? Should I post my recipe?

Have you seen these new sweatshirts on Kiel James Patrick? I swiped up the Cape Cod ones. I never find cute tourist sweatshirts, and these look soft and cozy too. 

New items have been added to the Gal Meets Glam sale (40% off!). I got this dress, which I'm hoping to wear it when we go on vacation for our one year anniversary next month. Here is everything on sale right now:

Have you seen the trailer for the new Winnie the Pooh movie? It looks positively wonderful. As does the Mary Queen of Scotts trailer. Tudor history is one of my absolute favorite disciplines, and this movie looks like it could be an all time favorite for me. 

Does anyone have any light summer reading recommendations? When we go away I try not to bring anything too heavy or dark, since I don't want to bring down my mood. I'm always up for a new fantasy book if you've read any good ones!