My Acai Bowl Recipe

I recently started making Acai bowls for breakfast, and they are so easy and yummy! Plus, making it at home is so much cheaper than going out. Acai bowls are almost $8 around us, and they only cost a few to make. 

Trader Joe's acai bowl recipe

Here's what I use for one bowl:1 packet Trader Joes frozen acai berry puree 

1 packet Trader Joes frozen acai berry puree; ½ cup frozen berry mix; 1 banana; 1 tablespoons almond milk; ½ cup coconut granola; 2 dates. I buy all my ingredients at Trader Joe's, but they can all be found elsewhere. 

Blend the acas packet by itself until smooth and creamy. Then add the berries, half of the banana, and the almond milk and blend until smooth. Transfer the puree to a bowl and add the granola, the other half of the banana sliced and cut up dates. Enjoy!

What's your favorite breakfast food this summer? I love new recipes!