Happy Friday Friends

Happy Friday from lovely Rome. Today we will be touring the Colosseum and other ruins and I am over the moon with excitement. I took Latin all through high school and read so many books on Ancient Rome and all of its wonders. To see it all in person is truly a dream come true. (plus, my Latin may finally come in handy. It only took over a decade, haha). 

Washington D.C. flowers

Some other things I have been enjoying are -

1. I loaded up my iPad with books for the trip. We have a lot of plane and train time, and I didn't want to carry around physical books. On my queue is When Life Gives You Lululemons, Therapy Animals, Alison Weir's novels on Henry VIII's wives, and Tamora Pierce's Beka Cooper books. I'll let you know my thoughts when I finish them all.

2. I tried on these shorts at J.Crew before we left to take on the trip and the fit is so good. I think jean shorts can generally be unflattering, but these are the exception.

3. I'm already excited to make pasta when we get back. Does anyone have any good recipes? I saw a book at Williams and Sonoma yesterday, and it looks like I can use my mixer to make the dough, which sounds ideal. 

4. I am so, so excited to get to wear fall clothes again. Here's everything I have my eye one to start a functional autumn wardrobe -

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!