Baby Shampoo as Makeup Remover

Hi! Did everyone have a great Super Bowl weekend? I’m back on this marvelous Monday with another tip for you, baby shampoo as eye makeup remover.

Baby Shampoo as Makeup Remover

What you do is just squeeze a small amount into your hands when you are in the shower, rub your wet hands together to lather it, and ru it back and forth across your closed eyes (and lashes), in a somewhat windshield wiper motion. Rinse your face under the shower and that’s it! and t used to have problems with the roots of my eyelashes getting clogged, and the problem hasn’t occurred once since I started this trick. It also feels a lot cleaner than dedicated eye makeup removers which always feel greasy or oily to me.

The one caveat to using baby shampoo as eye makeup remover is that if you have on very stubborn waterproof makeup you will need to use a little makeup remover after (this doesn’t happen often, only when I have a TON of no budge makeup on, like for instance, after my engagement photo shoot). My favorites are below. They work without and scrubbing and less residue than other options. 


Do any of you you have any makeup emover tips? I’d love to hear!