Review of Beyond Yoga Spacedye Leggings

I love my Beyond Yoga Spacedye leggings. The second I come home I put them on, and I wear them almost exclusively to barre (I have three pairs so this is acceptable, haha). They are more comfortable than any other piece of clothing I own, and have held up amazing, especially considering how oftenI wear them. 

Beyond Yoga Leggings

The Beyond Yoga Spacedye leggings are super, super soft. They are very flexible, so they are great as work out pants and not just loungewear. Mine have help up almost perfectly, and I've had a few of my pairs for a year and a half. Plus, they are incredibly flattering. Basically, there is a reason all of the barre teachers wear them. 

Beyond Yoga Leggings

They recently came out in a few new colors, including black! I bought them immediately since they tend to sell out quickly, and I absolutely love them. I also bought a few new tanks from Athleta, and finally got rid of all my old exercise clothes that were less than flattering. I really like the Pura tanks. They are comfortable and flattering, and don't ride up at all in class. I'm wearing the Crushed Berry color in the pictures. 

Beyond Yoga Leggings

I used to be very skeptical about work out clothes that cost more than $20, but I'm a convert. Especially for pants. They are so much more comfortable than any of my cheaper options, they are not see through (I obsessively check for this), and they hold up in the wash. I have spent less on work out clothes since I bought a few pairs of nicer pants than I did when I was constantly buying new ones at Old Navy or TJ Maxx, because they fell apart or just were never flattering (or were see through). 






Do you have any favorite exercise brands? I'd love to hear!