Five Minute Makeup Routine For Busy Mornings

five minute makeup routine

Busy mornings call for a streamlined beauty routine, am I right? Even before the start to the craziest day, though, I still like to feel polished and put together. Over time I’ve found that the easiest way to do that when you are in a rush is to have a go to look with go to products so that you can put them on quickly and efficiently, even without a mirror! Here’s my routine -

  1. First I fill in my eyebrows with Anastasia brow definer in taupe and brush it out with the spoolie at the end.

  2. I put on Supergoop's new eyeshadow in either Daydream or First Light all over my lids. It adds a touch or sparkle and color and you can never go wrong with extra sun protection.

  3. I pile one two to three coats of Glossier’s lash slick. It lasts all day without flaking or smudging and if you put on a few layers it still has drama. (use my link for 10% off your first order!)

  4. I put Coola’s mineral sunscreen on all over my face.

  5. Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation is my favorite! It has the perfect amount of coverage and lasts all day. I use shade 3.

  6. I set my brows with Benefit’s brow gel in clear.

  7. I apply Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter on my cheek bones, bridge of my nose, cupid’s bow and chin and blend with my fingers. This adds a nice glow and makes your face look more dimensional (foundation can make you look flat if you don’t add any other face products on top).

  8. I love blush! My current go to is a pink Chanel powder blush. It adds a pretty pop of pink that brightens your whole complexion.

  9. I apply bronzer to my forehead, nose, chin and cheek with a large fluffy brush. I fell in love the Tom Ford Soleil bronzer when my makeup artist used it for my wedding.

  10. I line my lips with Charlotte Tilbury Pillow talk and fill them in.

  11. Finally I apply Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Petal throughout the day.

What’s your go to makeup routine?


What is a serum?

You here a lot of skincare product terms these days - day cream, night cream, serum, exfoliator, chemical exfoliator. Once of the most generic and confusing, I think, is serum, since there are so many different kinds with so many different ingredients! Basically, a serum is a lightweight skincare product that is full of active ingredients that help your skin. Many have moisturizing agents, but they can also help with things like acne, dullness and signs of aging. Into The Gloss wrote a good primer a few years ago about it here.

New Glossier Supers

Serums can be on the pricier side, unfortunately, which is why I love that Glossier has just released new and improved versions of their serums, The Supers. Super Pure is great for blemishes; whenever I see a pimple coming and use Super Pure it vanishes. Super Glow how vitamin C which makes it great for combating overall dullness, like when your skin just looks bleh. Finally, Super Bounce is full of hyaluronic acid, a great moisturizing agent!

new Glossier Supers

What makes the the serums difference? First, they are double the size! Second, they increased the hyaluronic acid concentration in Super Bounce to 2%. Glossier also changed the texture of Super Glow so that it is now more of a “milky emulsion.”

They are $28 each or $65 for all three. Plus get 10% off your first Glossier order with my rep link!

Do you use a serum? What’s your favorite?


New Glossier Eye Cream!

Glossier eye cream

Hi friends! Did you have a great weekend? I saw Avenger End Game and I think I’m still processing…it’s the end of an era, you know? I haven’t felt this way since I finished the last Harry Potter, lol. So between that and spending time with family and friends and getting on top of life it was a busy weekend and a busy Monday. I’m excited to start the week out on a positive foot by announcing a new Glossier launch - Bubblewrap, Glossier’s eye cream and lip primer!

Bubblewrap is a two-in-one product that delivers the perfect dose of hydration to both eyes and lips. It has a light formula with 9 active complexes, and it starts as a cream and breaks down into a “light as silk texture” when you tap it into skin. This means that it works great under makeup, since it has no pilling or extra residue (you know that stuff around your eyes that you think is sleep? It’s likely eye cream).

Bubblewrap doubles as a lip primer, since it provides a moisturizing base for long wear lipstick!

It costs $26 a tube and you can get 10% off your first Glossier order with my rep link!

Have you tried any new eye screams lately? Or Glossier?


Glossier Niteshine in Platinum Rose - Review and Swatches

Glossier Nightshine in Platinum Rose

I recently got my hands on some Glossier Play highlighter, which they are calling Niteshine, and I love it! I bought the color Platinum Rose, which is a lovely rose gold sheen. It looks like you are luminescent on all the high points of your face, somewhat like an updated version of Benefit’s High Beam. Unlike High Beam, however, it blends very well and can be applied to a subtle sheen.

Glossier Nightshine in Platinum Rose

The highlighter comes in a little bottom with a twist off cap that doubles as an applicator. I love the little doe foot - it allows you to dot on product wherever you want it on your face without drips (just make sure to blend with your fingers after).

Here is what Nightshine looks like on your hand before and after blending-

Glossier Nightshine in Platinum Rose

And here I used it as part of my makeup routine. I applied it on my cheekbones after I applied my foundation and blush/bronzer. Isn’t it such a pretty shade? It lasts all day too!

Glossier Nightshine in Platinum Rose

Overall I give Nightshine an A! I love that it doesn’t gloop, it’s easy to blend, the color is stunning and it provides the perfect amount of glow without being over the top. Plus the price point is $20, far less than many highlighters out there.

Don’t forget I’m a Glossier rep, so ask me any Glossier questions you have any use my links for 10% off your first Glossier order!


My Beauty Empties

my beauty empties

As much as I love trying new products, I have a few tried and true favorites that I replace again and again! A few of them ran out at the same time recently, which inspired me to share them all with you! Here’s the list- 

Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer - This has been my go to moisturizer for several years. It’s very thick and great for dry and sensitive skin. I also love the simple ingredient list.

Pillow Talk Lipliner - This is the perfect lipliner for almost any shade of lipstick. It defines your lips beautifully, and makes your lips look fuller. I also like to cover my whole mouth and then put a glossy balm on top for a my lips but better look.

Glossier Milky Jelly Face Wash - I don’t know how many bottles of this I’ve gone through! It cleans my face but never irritates it, which is exactly what I’m looking for. (don’t forget to get 10% off your first Glossier order with my rep link).

Nars Cyprus Eyeshadow (on sale!) - This might be the first eyeshadow I’ve ever “hit pan” with. It’s the perfect every day color that makes eyes look defined but not overly dramatic.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation - I love the finish on this foundation. It looks velvety, but not dry or overly matte. It also lasts all day, even in the humidity. Finally, it blends like a dream and can be layered for a sheer to full coverage finish.

Fresh Sugar Petal Lip Treatment - This lip balm has the opacity of a lipstick but it is so moisturizing. I use it whenever I want a pretty pink but my lips are too chapped for lipstick (I.e. almost every day, lol).

Beauty Blender Brush Cleaner - I love this solid makeup brush cleaner. It gets all the stubborn makeup off my brushes without any hassle. Plus, since it’s a solid it’s convenient to store and travel with. I haven’t bought any other brush cleaner in years!

Glossier Lash Slick - I love that this mascara never flakes or clumps or smudges, EVER, and it’s easy to remove in the shower. It is a more “natural” looking mascara if you apply only one coat, but it can be layered to add drama.

What are your beauty empties? Anything I need to try?


The Best Natural Looking Lipstick for Spring

the best natural looking lipstick for spring

The “my lips but better” lipstick looks is one of my favorites all year around, but especially in the spring. I feel like everything is so fresh and glow-y this time of year, I like to sport a natural looking face with some extra highlighter and doe lashes, and don’t want to distract from the look with my lipstick. My criteria for a good spring lipstick is that it can’t be too drying, it needs to have a natural looking pink color, and it should add some shine. Over the years I’ve narrowed down my favorites and I’m excited to share them with you!

the best natural looking lipstick for spring

Chanel Le Rouge In Merry Rose - This lipstick and lipgloss combo is the prettiest pink beige lip color that brightens your whole face and lasts all day. I did a full review about it here. 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipliner - This lipliner is one of my all time favorite makeup products. I use it almost every day to define my lips, and I often fill in my whole mouth and add a balm on top to add some gloss. It looks so pretty and natural. 

the best natural looking lipstick for spring

Glossier Generation G In Like - This lipstick goes on very sheer, so you can layer in as much color as you want. It pairs really well with a lipbalm too. Here is my full review.

Bobbi Brown Lipstick In Sandwash Pink - This is such a classic “my lips but better” shade (I even heard a rumor Kate Middleton wore it for her wedding). It lasts a long time too, and isn’t overly drying. I wear it when I want a little more color than the Glossier or CT lipliner. 

natural looking lipstick for spring

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm In Petal - This is another all time favorite lip color. The formula is so, so hydrating and the pink color is really pretty. It has a bit more pigmentation than the other colors, so I wear it when I want a pretty pop of light pink. 

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick In Bitch Perfect  - This is the most beige of the bunch. It’s a great neutral color when your outfit just doesn’t call for pink lips. I like to blot it on after applying the CT lipliner and get a more sheer finish.

What are your favorite lip colors for spring?  



Glossier Milky Oil Review

Review of Glossier Milky Oil
Review of Glossier Milky Oil

I’ve been using Milky Oil for a few weeks now, and I really love it! Now that I’ve used the product for a little while I’m excited to right a full review for you guys. (I hate it when people review skincare and they’ve barely used it! Don’t you?) The makeup remover comes in a light pink squeeze bottle. I really like that the dispenser makes it almost impossible to pour out too much product, and I haven’t had any issues with product leaking out once the cap is on.

Review of Glossier Milky Oil

To use, shake Milky Oil well and pour onto a cotton pad. Then wipe all over your face after washing. It gets up the rest of your makeup, even stubborn eye makeup. Unlike a lot of other makeup removers I’ve used, it doesn’t leave an oily residue and it doesn’t sting. I feel like my face is clean without being dried out (squeaky clean skin isn’t actually good! It means you’ve stripped your skin of it’s natural oils and protective barrier).

Review of Glossier Milky Oil

I have very sensitive skin, and Milky Oil hasn’t caused any redness or irritation. That’s a big win in my book!

Review of Glossier Milky Oil

Overall I give the product an A+!

Have you tried Milky Oil yet? Or any other great new skincare? Don’t forget you get 10% off your first Glossier order with my rep link : )


My Favorite Clean Skincare Products

Today I’m excited to share my favorite clean skincare products. For a while now I’ve tried to eliminate parabens, retinol, strong fragrances and other more toxic ingredients from my skincare. I know there are a lot of mixed opinions about whether these ingredients are safe, but I personally don’t like to use them. I know that it’s a very personal choice, and I’m not here to preach or judge, but rather to share the products that work well for me!

I know that there are a lot of options out there, and a lot of labels (organic v. clean v. natural v. all natural…the list goes on!) and it can seem overwhelming! I personally start my “clean” product search by looking at curated product lists put out by companies like Credo beauty, Goop, and clean at Sephora and then check the ingredients on Then, I test them to see what holds up! Here are my current favorites -

My favorite clean skincare products
  1. Jet Lag Mask - This mask has a heavenly texture. It is super thick and moisturizing, and your skin just drinks it up. Feel free to use it as a face mask, or also as a night cream.

  2. Ursa Major Face Balm - This day time moisturizer smells so good! It is super moisturizing despite the light texture, and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. It’s the only beauty product JD has ever requested that I re-purchase, he never wants to run out!

  3. Biossance Eye Gel - I like the fact that this eye cream absorbs into the skin without a lot of rubbing or tugging, and it makes my eyes look more awake.

  4. Herbivore Prism - I love, love this stuff! it’s a daily serum and it leaves your skin more even and refined, and it lasts for months.

  5. Juice Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Serum - This serum makes all the rest of your skincare just glide on, and adds an extra boost of hydration to dry skin.

  6. Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer - I love how thick and moisturizing this cream is. Apply at night for glowing morning skin.

  7. Biossance Squalane Oil - This oil adds some extra TLC and moisture to dry and tired skin. It’s a great extra layer if night cream isn’t enough (I always use two moisturizing products before bed, for example).

Have you tried any of these? What do you think of them?


NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil in Intriguing Swatches & Review

NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil in Intriguing

Today I’m excited to share a more old school type of blog post where I share a review and swatches of one of my more recent beauty purchases, the NARS Matte Lipstick Pencil in Intriguing. I always love these types of posts when I’m searching the internet for cosmetics, so I’m excited to “pay it forward” if you will and write posts with basic facts about the color and formula of products (like I did with Chanel’s lipstick in Merry Rose).

NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil in Intriguing

The pictures shows Intriguing looks on my lips without any other lip color or lip liner. I did use a primer to help with longevity and to neutralize my natural lip color, which means that this is the color of the lipstick that anyone would get if they prime their lips no matter how pigmented their lips naturally are.

NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil in Intriguing

I like the rosy color of Intriguing, and that it isn’t too pink. I call it a nude rose. Also, if you are wondering, another day I wore it without priming my lips first and then it veered into a more rosy red color.

NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil in Intriguing

The Matte Lipstick Pencil formula lasts for several hours without eating or drinker, and it’s easy to reapply since the pencil fits in any sized purse. It also layers nicely, meaning it doesn’t get too caked or start to pill. The only draw back is that the formula is rather drying, but I think that can be said of any matte formula.

Overall I’d give it a 4/5, which is a pretty high review from me! I really liked the nude rose color of Intriguing, and the fact that you get two colors in one depending on whether or not you prime your lips. Plus the pencil is so convenient to carry around for touchups and makes for an easy application process as well.

Have you tried any new lipstick you really liked lately? I’m all ears!


Glossier Milky Oil Makeup Remover

Glossier Milky Oil Makeup Remover

Today I’m really excited to announce the launch Glossier’s newest product, an eye makeup remover! It’s called Milky Oil and it uses both micellar water and makeup-erasing oil to erase all that stubborn eye makeup that’s waterproof or long wearing. I’m super excited about this product, and here’s why-

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had an eye infection, well it turned out it was a a large stye under my eyelid that had gotten inflamed. Since then I’ve been making a huge effort to make sure every last flake of eye makeup is removed each night (not that I didn’t before, I just have been extra extra diligent) and looking for a new makeup remover. My beloved Bioderma doesn’t work very well on eyeliner, and all of the “eye makeup remover” products I have tried or researched are either $$$, don’t work very well, or involve one time use pads which isn’t my favorite. I was getting pretty frustrated in my research and then, as has happened before, Glossier came to the rescue with a new product!

Glossier Milky Oil Makeup Remover

I love that Milky Oil can be used with a cotton round, or you can even use it in the shower if you want to reduce waste. To use it you just shake the product to combine the micellar water and makeup-erasing oil and wipe it across your eyelids a bunch of times. Unlike other products, like makeup removing wipes, Milky Oil won’t tug at your delicate eye skin or rub and cause irritation. Plus, the packaging is pink : )

Finally, and one of the best parts, Milky Oil is only $12 ($15 CAD, £10 GBP, €12 EU, 90 DKK, 120 SEK) and you got 10% off your first Glossier order with my rep link, here.

Tell me, what’s your go to makeup remover? Have you used Glossier products before?


A Makeup Trick That Makes Your Eyes Look Bigger

A Makeup Trick That Makes Your Eyes Look Bigger

Do you ever wonder how models get their eyes to look super large and wide awake? Well, this is the trick! It’s very easy and you can use your current eye makeup to do it.

  1. No makeup

  2. Take your favorite eyeliner and line the bottom of your eye. Line as close to your eyelashes as possible, and if any winds up on your waterline just take your finger and wipe it away. I like to use a dark brown eyeliner, I think it looks less severe. My current favorite is the Charlotte Tilbury eye kohl in Audrey.

  3. Find a dark colored eyeshadow and a flat slanted eyeliner brush. It’s key that the brush makes a very thin line. I used the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette (an all time favorite) and this brush.

  4. Take the angled brush and tap it into the eyeliner and then stamp the eyeliner on the outer corner of your eye so it forms a sideways V. Stamp it as close to your eyelashes as possible.

  5. Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend out the shadow. To do this you swipe the brush back and forth along the bottom and the top of your eye where the eyeshadow is. I love the MAC 217 brush since the bristles are very dense and good at blending, but any small blending brush will work.

  6. Apply mascara to both your top and bottom eyelashes. Make sure none smudges below your eye, but if it does simply clean it up with a Q-tip.

  7. Here the eye on the right has makeup. Isn’t it amazing what a difference it makes?!

  8. Finished product.

Tell me, how do you normally apply eyeshadow? Do you have any favorite new techniques? I love learning new ways to use the makeup I already have, don’t you?