Happy Friday!

Glossier balm dot com

Sorry for the fewer posts this week! Everything on my to do list took way longer than I thought, and I turned around and it was Thursday morning! I don’t know how it happened so quickly, but it did! One of the things that through me for a loop is the blanket I’m knitting for my cousin - her wedding is next week, and I was so happy to finish knitting the last row on Wednesday, and then realized that seeing all the panels together was going to take forever…I may be finishing in the hotel room…

Anyways, here are some fun things I found online this week!

Glossier sent me the cutest package to celebrate their 6th birthday! Have you tried the birthday cake balm, it smells so good!

I listened to a podcast with The Home Edit (asking for a friend) and now I’m obsessed! I got the book and I can’t wait to get our cabinets in tip shop shape! These bins are going to be a must!

It just got Bobbi Brown blush in sand pink and it’s the prettiest flushed color for fall

I’m slightly obsessed with this puffed sleeve top, should I pull the trigger?

I loved this look into Sutton Foster’s beauty routine!

When I’m done knitting I might try some needlepoint!

I really want to get into the headband trend, and the reviews say this one is actually comfortable!

I love these DIY Halloween decorations!

Have a great weekend!


What I Read In September

What I read in September

September was full of great books! I’ve gotten into some great habits for reading recently - I read for about 15-30 minutes while I eat breakfast and lunch, and then some more at night while JD watches sports, along with when I’m on the metro or bus. It’s amazing how breaking a book up into smaller chunks like that really allows you to breeze through it. That, and having a long reading queue full of good books you can’t wait to read!

September was full of romance, mystery, and some guilty pleasure reading! I recommend all of it!

Three Things About Elsie - 4.5/5 - This is the story of Florence, an older woman who moved into an assisted living community and is having trouble getting acclimated. One day a new resident moves in, and Elsie is sure it is a shady figure from her past who died decades ago. She enlists the help of new friends to get to the bottom of the mystery, and the result is adventurous and heart warming. I loved that it’s an adventure story about older people, instead of older people reminiscing about the adventures of their youth. You don’t see that very often!

The Bride Test - 4/5 - This is by the author of The Kiss Quotient. It’s the story of a young man, Khai, with autism whose mother goes to Vietnam to find him a bride. Esme comes to America eager to make the most of her opportunity to find love and improve her lot in life. The two quickly fall for each other, but it takes a while for them to realize it and break down their personal barriers. I found the story cute and heartwarming, and it was a great reminder that people are not what they seem.

Tell Me Everything - 5/5 - I loved this book! It follows Malin and her group of friends throughout their college years at a private school in rural Maine. The books flips between transformative moments in Malin’s childhood, freshman year, and senior year. At the beginning of the book you realize that not all of the friends live to see graduation, but you don’t know who dies or why. It’s super engrossing, and the end dark and satisfying.

The Luxe Series - 3/5 - This is a gossipy romance series about the young and fabulously wealthy in 1890’s NYC. It’s a fun mix of Victorian etiquette and Gossip Girl. All of the characters have a juicy secret, and who’s dating who, and who’s who’s enemy changes chapter by chapter. It’s definitely not “quality literature” but it’s fun and soapy and I loved reading about fancy ballgowns and handsome coach boys. If you want a fun read to curl up with this fall, this one’s for you.

Did you read anything good in September? Please share!


Happy Friday!

Fall in Washington DC

Happy first Friday of fall! As I write this I am sipping a pumpkin Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and am a very happy lady. I know some people love or hate pumpkin, but I am definitely in the former! Add in some candy corn (Brach’s only) and I am all set for a good long while! I’m also excited to go apple picking this weekend and check out a French restaurant in Dupont Circle I spotted the other day. What about you? Any fun plans?

Things I’m loving:

This pumpkin candle smells divine

Alicia Paulson released her new doll kits and they are so lovely

Loved this glimpse into the cosmetic bag of the doctor behind #pillowtalkderm

All the outfits Meghan Markle is wearing on her royal tour

I adore this new Lilly Pulitzer dress - the pink is the perfect color! And I love all the pearls, it’s just so pretty!

I love all the needlepoint canvases Carly rounded up - I may need to take up this hobby!

45 Fall cocktails

I can’t wait to try and make this pumpkin pie bread, the best dessert from NH

I may be a little late on the party to this one but I love Lauren Conrad’s podcast!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Happy Friday!

Mount Vernon gardens

What a quick week! Maybe because I’m so excited for the weekend? I’m looking forward to soaking all of this sunny cool weather in, perhaps going to the zoo, and relaxing on the coach with my latest obsession, SmartFood popcorn (not very original, but so delicious!) Between that and a Nats game I’m really looking forward to the weekend! What about you? Any fun plans on the horizon?

Here are some other things entertaining me this week -

A great hair tutorial! Such a lovely low bun

I’m in love with these boots, especially the pinkish taupe color - they’d go so well with all the pink I wear in the fall! (and all year round, lol)

Five stretches you can do at your desk

Aren’t these Polene bags gorgeous? They look like something from one of the big fashion houses but are so much less (not cheap, but way less)

I’ve been really enjoying a few pretzels with white chocolate for dessert - just put some pretzels in a bowl with white chocolate chips on top and microwave them for 30 seconds plus another 30 seconds. Voila!

Sorry Starbucks, Dunkin pumpkin is my favorite

These beauty themed dog toys are so fun!

I loved Grace’s explanation of what goes into running her blog and podcast

Have a great weekend everyone!


Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is here! It’s the best time to stock up on your Lilly favorites, everything is 40-65% off! Plus, once it’s gone it’s gone forever! I always find a few favorites at the sale, the deals are just too good to pass up! This year the clothes are going fast - the pink packing cubes I wanted already sold out! So I suggest logging on quickly! Here are some of my sale favorites:

Remember when you shop that things disappear from your cart so check out fast! I also recommend logging on a few devices so you can check out a few times and not miss your favorites! Plus it gives you a better chance of getting to the front of the online line. Finally, don’t refresh your browser once you’re in the queue!

Happy Shopping!!!


August Reading List

August Book List

What a fun month for reading! I finally got off the library wait list for a number of books, and the timing lined up perfectly with our beach trip! Reading by the water is one of my favorite things, especially when it’s a book you can’t put down! Since it was the end of summer August consisted mostly of beach and pool reads, with a fantasy book thrown in for good measure. If you are looking for some books you can’t put down, I highly recommend all of these!

The Last Mrs. Parrish - 3.5/5 - This is your classic beach read. It’s about the perfect family and psycho imposter who tries to ruin their lives. Mrs. Parrish has everything - a loving husband, gobs of money, and beautiful children. Amber has none of those things, and pretends to be someone she’s not so she can weasel her way into the family and steal Mr. Parrish away. It seams like your classic Lifetime Movie until a giant twist that was so satisfying!

The Night Tiger - 4/5 - This novel is pretty hard to explain the plot to, to be honest. It’s loosely about five people in Malaya who are linked together by fate and a finger…The book is full of myths, murder, and love. I found it really engrossing despite the fact that the plot was very slow to unwind.

The Silent Patient - 4/5 - Another thriller! This one follows the story of a famous artist who killed her husband and the never spoke again and the psychiatrist who is obsessed with her. I didn’t guess the book plot twist at all, which is so satisfying, and read it in a couple of days. Every chapter leaves you wanting to know more!

The Lying Game - 4/5 - I loved this book! It’s, you guessed it, another thriller. It’s the story of four girls who become inseparable friends when they attend a boarding school together in England. Years later they are drawn together again when a body is found, which is the last thing any of them wants…As the plot unfolds you feel the intensity of their friendship while simultaneously wonder who’s a killer.

Two Can Keep A Secret - 3.5/5 - A YA thriller at it’s best! This is by the same author as One of Us Is Lying and I enjoyed it just as much! It follows two twins who are forced to spend their senior year of high school with their grandmother who they barely know at her home in Vermont. The town is famous because every decade or so one of it’s popular high school residents is found dead. The twins are determined to be detectives and find out who the fiend is before one of their friends is the next victim.

Once Upon A River - 3/5 - This book is by the same author as The Thirteenth Tale, which I love! It’s a fantasy book that takes place in rural England along the Thames. A young girl appears one night and everyone believes she’s dead, until she comes back to life. Over the next year a number of different families believe she’s their relative, and no one can agree on what to do about it. The book is intertwined with local folklore about the Thames, and keeps you wondering about what’s real and what’s fantasy. A fun read and the characters are lovely!

Whisper Network - 3/5 - This novel is a store about the Me Too movement. It follows a group of woman who work at a company in Dallas; three are attorneys and one is a cleaning lady. They have all had run ins with the In House Counsel and decide to sue for sexual harassment. The results are unexpected and messy! I enjoyed the power of female friendship in the story, though I did find the author to be a bit heavy handed with how difficult it is to be a woman “in a man’s world.”

Did you read anything good in August? Please share!


Happy Friday!

Mt Vernon in the fall

Happy Friday everyone! And cheers to a long weekend! I can’t believe it’s our second holiday in D.C. I remember going to all the monuments last year in awe, and now it’s round two! Plus I’m going to the National Book Festival, and a number of my favorite authors are going to be there, and let’s just say I’m excited ; )

What about you, any fun plans for the weekend? Retiring your white shoes? I think I’ll keep mine out for a little longer, but we’ll see…

This nail polish handle makes painting with your non dominate hand a breeze, and it works on any polish!

How to transition your wardrobe for the new season

All the information on the National Book Festival if you are in the DC area!

Uplifting podcasts to listen to on your way to work

The new Glossier balm is the perfect color for fall (plus 10% off your first order with my rep link!)

Giant Barnes and Noble sale!

I really loved this episode of Fat Mascara, it goes into a lot of entrepreneurial stuff

Lisi Lerch is having a 30% off memorial day sale!

The colorway on this scarf is so perfect for fall (and it looks so much like an Hermes!)

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!


Sailing at the Inn at Perry Cabin

Sailing at the Inn at Perry Cabin

While we were at the Inn at Perry Cabin JD surprised me with a sailing expedition. I’m always loved the idea of sailing, and even attended sailing camp on the Cape when I was younger, so it was the perfect surprise. We set out around 4 when the air wasn’t too hot and the sun was low in the sky.

We sailed around Miles River for a couple hours of peaceful bliss. The Captain was kind enough to teach us all about the boat and offer tips for where we can take sailing lessons in DC. Apparently there are a few sailing clubs that might take us on as deck hands during a race! Crazier things have happened, so fingers crossed!

Sailing at the Inn at Perry Cabin

Sweater / Shorts / Sneakers / Hat

The last time I was on a sailboat a hurricane was coming in, so the wind on the river was decidedly more peaceful. The Captain even let me steer for a minute. Don’t I look like I know what I’m doing? ; )

Sailing at the Inn at Perry Cabin

It was the perfect addition to our weekend and such a clever way to give a themed gift - cotton is the traditional gift for a second anniversary, and the sails were made of canvas!

If you go to St. Michaels I highly recommend taking some time on the water. There were kayakers, paddle boarders and boaters everywhere.

Do you sail? Any tips for a beginner?


Happy Friday!

Sailing at the Inn at Perry Cabin

Happy Friday Friends! Is it just me, or could the weekend not come fast enough? Also, and I know this is kind of blasphemous, but I’m over summer. I want it to be fall and I want it now. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer! But by mid August I need some Hygge in my life and I need it now. I started singing the Summer song from Frozen about fall, haha. Maybe I’ll write out my lyrics and post them here…

Anywho, here are some links that made me happy this week-

The inside of Julie Engel's (Gal Meets Glam) house in in Southern Living, it’s simply stunning!

Sephora’s summer beauty sale is on! 15% off for VIB; I’m stocking up on my favorite Fresh Sugar Lip Balm

A trailer is out for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3!

I’m really excited about Reese Witherspoon’s new show, The Morning Show with Jennifer Anniston; here’s the trailer!

Biossance skincare products are 25% off! I love their eye cream and I can’t wait to try the 100% Squalene oil!

I how simple and elegant this gorgeous knit blanket is (the pattern is free!)

I am absolutely in love with these black bow earrings from Tuckernuck; they are so perfect for fall!

These tiled backsplashes are gorgeous and have me itching to decorate

These Buddha bowls are so good, particularly the carrot ginger dressing!

How to decorate with color without looking matchy-matchy

How to tie the perfect bow

Have a great weekend everyone!