Christmas Friyay

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I can't believe it's the weekend before Christmas. We are flying up to Massachusetts to spend the holiday with my family and I am so excited, I cannot sit still. I have spent every holiday in Western MA, even after we moved to Florida, and I feel so blessed to bring my husband along this year. I hope it's a White Christmas. My fingers are crossed in every way possible. 

These next few days are some of my favorite of the whole year, filled with so many wonderful traditions and loved ones. We are kicking it off with hopefully an uneventful flight and a trip across MA to visit my cousin for his birthday and see all the lights at Faneuil Hall in Boston, and some cannolis. Then, I can't believe it, but then it's Christmas! If anyone else is traveling I hope you have a safe journey and a fantastic adventure. 

This last week was amazing as well, and here are some of the things that I enjoyed, which I hope will bring a smile and some entertainment to any airport waiting / car riding / couch snuggling in your itinerary. 

Christmas at The Breakers

The music at the Candlelight Processional is beautiful. Here's a video of some of the singing.

Aren't the new Ferragamo bags beautiful? If I win the lottery despite the fact that I did not buy a ticket then it's the mint green one for me. 

I saw Star Wars on Monday. That is all I am going to say about it. Other than that there was a trailer for the Avengers Infinity War and it looks amazing (as opposed to this one).

I've been reading in to all natural cosmetics lately, and am intriguing by the RMS offerings. I listened to an interview with her on the Fat Mascara podcast and really enjoyed it. 

Happy Friday everyone!