Review of Glossier Body Hero


I started using Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash a few weeks ago, and I love the product. It smells divine and it does not irritate my dry and sensitive skin at all. Most products make me get these little white bumps up and down my arm, but Body Hero calms my skin and moisturizes it. 


The product comes out of the pink pump as an oil. When you add water to it and rub your hands together it turns into a light foam. 


It rinses off easily, but the scent lingers, and the oil does not build up in the shower at all. 

Body Hero leaves me feeling clean but not stripped like a lot of soaps, and it doesn't need to be used with a loofah like most body washes. I also love that the product feels very luxurious but without a hefty price tag. Overall I highly recommend it! Plus if you use my link you'll get 20% off your first Glossier order! 


Have any of you used Body hero yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the product!