Happy Groundhog's Day

Happy Friday everyone! And Happy Groundhog's Day! Isn't it one of the more hilarious holidays? If you ever watch the festivities in Pennsylvania, they are sure to bring a smile to your face. For me the holiday also means adding spring colors to my wardrobe no matter what the Groundhog says!

pottery barn mug

After a very, very busy week in our household, I'm ready for a special weekend to kick off a wonderful month! Here are some things I found on the internet that I think will bring a smile to your faces on this chilly Friday: 

The loose leaf Earl Gray tea mix at Trader Joes is absolutely delicious. I've been making it every day with my perfect tea maker in this lovely new heart mug I got. It's my current absolute favorite!

I love all the new items at Anthropologie. These shorts are simply divine. I'm deciding whether to try and make some myself, or spring for them when they have a sale. (Also, if you sign up for coupons they have a 20% off one now!)

I hopped in to Athlete recently to check out their swim wear - I'm a little early to the game but I haven't found bikini I like in so long that I wanted to start looking now. Their selection is amazing! I'm going to do a full post I think on it, since not only the bathing suits but the board shorts and tops are just really, really great. I have a hard time finding good bathing suits, so I feel the need to share! 

Has anyone been watching the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? I'm obsessed. As soon as I realized it was an Amy Sherman Palladino show (I'm a huge Gilmore Girls fan) I loaded it, and have been laughing every since! It's so funny and charming and the clothes are just wonderful. I love it and highly recommend. 

I love basically everything in the new Lilly Pulitzer collection, especially this hat, skort and top. What are your favorites? 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!