How to Clean Out Candle Jars

This tip is a little less style and beauty based than usual, but it’s one of my favorites. Part of what I want to do on All That Glitters is help make people’s livesmeasier so they feel like they have some more skills necessary to go live their best life. Cleaning candle wax is obviously not the most important life skill out there, but keeping a clean home and re-purpose if items is something that brings me a lot of joy, so I thought I would share in the hopes that it helps all of you out as well. 

Here’s the tip - freeze the candle. If you have a burned out candle jar and you want to reuse it as storage or a makeup brush jar, simply freeze the glass container for a couple days nd the wax should pop right out. Also, if you have a taker or a votive that you don’t want to drill while you burn it for a little bit, freeze them for a few days ahead of time. Finally, if wax does drip in your linens, freeze the linen and the wax is way easier to remove. Pretty amazing right? 

How to clean out candle jars

This is a candle jar I made into a makeup brush container. Easy right?