Last Minute Christmas Gifts

I can't believe Christmas is less than a week away! It's crunch time people. Now is the time where we quickly stop into a store and do the 360 degree scan to see what we can quickly grab for the last couple of people on our lists. The trick to this is to find gifts that still seem personal and special. Since this can often be time consuming, and the reason we are in the store doing the grab and dash is because we already have no spare time, I have compiled this list of gifts that can be bought on the fly but still feel special. 

Last Minute Gifts

1. Ornaments - I think a pretty ornament is something that makes everyone smile, and it's easy to quickly grab one out of the bin that feels unique to the person you are gifting it too. This year I saw some good ones at Crate and Barrel and Pier 1. 

2. Cozy bathrobe - A nice white waffle robe is always wonderful to receive. You can just grab one off the shelf at almost any store (Macy's, Nordstrom, likely TJ Maxx) and the gift will think how did you know I secretly wanted a new robe? 

Last Minute Gifts

3. Flannel PJ's - I know it's been said a million times in the blogosphere but I'll say it again. Pajamas are awesome. Everyone wants new pajamas. And, they are in giant piles by the door of J.Crew Factory and Marshalls. 

4. Scarf - I nice thick plaid scarf feels special somehow. Every time I gift or get one I think yes! I wanted a new scarf! (even if I didn't before I opened it) And, they are in a giant pile by the store door. Double win. 

Last Minute Gifts

5. Spa gift card for a massage - I think this is especially good for moms and people sitting at a desk all day. The person will think that you wanted them to be pampered and feel special (even if you secretly got one for everyone on your list).

6. Top Shelf Liquor or Wine - Anyone who enjoys the occasional cocktail or glass of wine with dinner feels spoiled by a nice bottle. You can even stop on the way to their house!

7. Gourmet Coffee Beans - They sell some at the Nordstrom cafe, and Starbucks, and you can find some in the Fresh Market type grocery store. Like #6 the person you got it for feels like its a decadent personal gift, even if you bought in bulk for everyone...

8. Mani Pedi gift card - Even if someone knows you ran into the salon and got a bunch of gift cards they are still going to love getting a pedicure for Christmas. 


Last Minute Gifts

9. Netflix Subscription - You can gift this one and buy it after the fact! If someone in your life who is impossible to buy for doesn't have Netflix this is a great, easy gift. They'll actually use it all year, and hopefully think of you.