Lilly Pulitzer Sweater

The weather finally cooled off here in South Florida and I am all about it. On Sunday we went to roam around Palm Beach for the day and it was so lovely outside. We sat at the Breakers for hours sipping coffee and reading in the sunshine, and I was chilly in a sweater and boots. 

similar sweater / jeans / similar bag / similar boots 

Aren't the Christmas decorations at The Breakers gorgeous? If you are within driving distance of the hotel I strongly recommend stopping by. My husband and I love sitting by courtyard for breakfast or lunch, or sometimes the Seafood Bar which is wicked cool! The whole counter is an aquarium; next time we go I'll take pictures. 

This sweater is great for southern winters since it is lightweight. I also love my Frye boots, I've had them a few years and they look brand new. I got mine off of Amazon for a steal, and am excited to pull them out year after year. I used to get a new pair of boots every season, but ever since buying these I haven't purchased or even seriously looked for a new pair. You know that's a good purchase! As time goes by I've started buying more quality pieces and less fast fashion; my clothes fit better and look nicer, and I don't go through them as quickly. Plus, when you think about it, 7 $8 things cost as much as one $50 item that you really like and take care of. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! xAllie