Olympics Opening Ceremony

Olympics opening ceremony

Happy Friday friends! I’m so excited to watch the Winter Olympics opening ceremony tonight. There’s something about watching all the best athletes come together to compete and do superhuman level feats, all while achieving their lifelong dream that gets me all choked up. Plus, seeing as I can barely do a cartwheel, watching them compete is just so impressive.

You can find a schedule of events here. What’s ymour favorite event? I’ll be watching every night, but my absolute favorite is figure skating. 

My husband and I fly out to NYC tomorrow early. We are going to explore Soho on Saturday and then go to see a show on Sunday. I can’t wait to share pictures and restaurant recommendations! Also, I’m trying not to over pack, but I rarely get an opportunity to wear some of my favorite winter clothes...so I’ll ate last be bringing my boots, an lbdtights, a sweater, and some of my favorite bags, including my red Longchamp (because what’s more fun than feeling cool while walking around NYC ;)

Target had some adorable Valentine’s Day decorations! I’m particularly fond of the dog napkins. Aren't they adorable? They also have some great stuff in the $1 bins by the door. I had tried not to check them out for a while, since I didn’t want to get sucked in, but the jars of sequins got me.

l’m really loving this bare minerals lip gloss! It’s a gorgeous pink rose gold, and I’ve been wearing it everywhere. Plus, it's named snarky, which is just kind of fun ;)

We are trying to plan our next big trip, and have found a number of great articles about places to go and things to see. I recommend this one on places to avoid, this one on secret beaches, and this one on how to make a travel bucket list. 

Have a wonderful weekend!