Oscars Weekend

I'm very excited that my orchid is blooming again!

I'm very excited that my orchid is blooming again!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a nice week. We decided to switch apartments last weekend at the last minute, so we moved without any prior packing or organizing. We did it, but this week has been full of unpacking and sorting. I’m tired, haha. Hopefully once we get a bookcase this weekend we can finish it up and relax in time to watch the Oscars. 

Speaking of which, I love the Oscars. Ever since I was little I dress up and cook something special to watch. Even though I haven’t seen a lot of the movies this year I’m really excited to cook some good food and fill out some scorecards. Aren’t this crudite platter, this cheese plate, and these gold flecked rice krispie treats beautiful? This year I’m thinking the theme will be lots of finger food, so all of them are perfect. 

I’m trying to organize all of our stuff into a new place with less closet space, and efficiency is key. This over the door show rack and space bags have been a game changer. If you are trying to organize a small space I highly recommend both of them.

There have been a number of blog posts I’ve enjoyed reading this week. This editorial calendar template on the Champagne Edit is particularly great and helpful. 

Finally, there are a number of cute things I don’t need but would really like in stores right now. This keychain looks so cute, and I love the idea that your home is a luxury resort, haha. These pajamas are the cutest I’ve seen yet, and I can’t decide whether I need this basket bag, this one or this one

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!