Our Christmas Decorations

We finished decorating our apartment and I am so excited to share how it came out. I love decorating for the holidays, and these year is extra special since it is our first married Christmas. We decided to go all out (as much as we could in an apartment with limited storage) and get a real tree, and I made a lot of our decorations. It's so wonderful to come home and sit by the tree and smell a Christmas scented candle. I love this time of year!

Christmas Tree

I made a lot of the ornaments from the Alicia Paulson ornament kits. We used a table cloth for the tree skirt, and I bought this tree topper at Target. It's genius because it clips on the tree branch so you don't have to worry about trimming the top or the branch being crooked. 

Alicia Paulson Ornaments
The Best Santa Mug
Christmas Angel

I made this sleigh scene with my cricut. It took a while to glue it all together, but I love all the detail, especially the presents in the back of the sleigh. 

Purl Bee Felt Christmas Wreath

I used this pattern from the Purl Bee to make this wreath out of felt a few years ago. It has held up beautifully, and I love hanging it up every year. It is one of my favorite things I have ever made.

Ceramic Reindeer

Was anyone else's family really into "ceramics" in the 90's? My aunt made just about everything her studio had to offer, and I called dibs when she was cleaning out her cellar recently.

Crate and Barrel Christmas

We decided to get a classic table runner that I can decorate differently every year. This year I decided to fill our glass candle holders with fake snow, and add on these candle trees and scattered the runner with tiny ornaments from Target. 

Crate and Barrel Christmas
Crate and Barrel Christmas
Cricut Nativity

I also made this with my cricut. If anyone else wants to make it, I suggest doing as much as possible in one sitting. I made it over a couple of days and had a really hard time remembering which piece went where.

Hallmark Dancing Snowmen

I love elegant Christmas decorations, but I really love ones that sing and dance! I not so secretly want to be one of those person's who's house is so overloaded with Christmas decorations you can barely move.

Purl Bee Knit Snowmen

I just finished this snow buddy family and I am so pleased! I think the baby is the cutest thing I've ever made. I bought the pattern off of Purl Bee ages ago, and finally had the time to make them this year. They knitted up way faster than I anticipated, so now I have time to crochet the Rudolph kit and I am so excited. 

Do you have any decorations you love putting out year after year? Please tell! I love seeing everyone's festive homes!