Packing Tips for Traveling Over the Holidays

Packing Tips for Traveling Over the Holidays

1. Ditch all the full sized hair tools. My blowdryer, curling iron, and brush take up almost half my carry-on. I started using the hotel blowdryer and packing a travel sized Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush and it has saved so much space. 

2. Bring slippers - Homes and hotels are always chilly over the holidays, you won't ever regret bringing cozy slippers. 

3. Bring extra wrapping paper - Whenever I travel at least one of my wrapped gifts gets all messed up and needs to be re-wrapped. If you are driving or checking a bag having an extra roll won't take up much space and will allow you to fix all your presents.  

4. Put beauty products like moisturizer and face wash in the free sample jars, or a clean contacts case so you don't have to bring the whole bottle. I also save up my free samples and bring those. 

5.  You will regret not bringing extra socks

6. Bring a bathing suit - someone is staying at a hotel with an indoor pool and wants everyone to stop by. 

7. My parents have used this duffel bag for almost 20 years and have been able to transport all of their presents in it every year. 

8. Finally, don't stress, Target is now in all 50 states.

I hope this helps ease off some of your holiday stress! Safe travels everyone! xAllie