Happy Friday

Skiing at Whitetail
We went skiing in Pennsylvania over the holiday - It was so fun, and I’m happy to report I didn’t fall once!

We went skiing in Pennsylvania over the holiday - It was so fun, and I’m happy to report I didn’t fall once!

It’s the weekend again! Aren’t short weeks wonderful? I get so excited to get to hang out with my husband all weekend, even if we aren’t doing anything. We’ve currently been staying in since Winter Is Here and watching old movies and playing games. This past weekend we started a major jigsaw puzzle phase, which is so fun. We killed a 1000 piece puzzle in one afternoon somehow, time just flew by. If you ever need to pass time without thinking about anything, do a puzzle, haha.

The only not fun thing is that winter is killing my immune system. I keep getting sick and I am so over it. I hate being on medicine, it gives me such terrible stomach aches, and as I said - I’m over it. For instance, the newest ailment this week is an eye infection on my eyelid and I feel like I look like a muppet - hence the lack of photos of my face this week ;) Anyways, I’m drinking lots more orange juice than usual and hopefully my immune system gets back on track soon. On the bright side, it’s given me more time on the couch to roam the internet, and I’ve found lots of goodies for you this week!

I check in on what’s going on with American Girl dolls every now and then, I loved them so much as a kid, and the newest one sounds darling!

The colors of the new Tuckernuck scarves are stunning. I can’t decide whether I like the pink or light blue best - they both will be perfect for late winter and spring looks, and look like Hermes scarves!

Is J.Crew dead?

Carly’s take on using her iPad has really inspired me to doodle more on mine!

I can’t wait to make these tassel necklaces

I love seeing pictures of Rachel Parcell’s new home, it’s so beautiful and so enormous!

8 Style Tips Learned from Kate Middleton Last Year

 The Fendi Baguette, which always makes me think of Regina in Mean Girls, is back!

I just ordered this “Readers Paradise” puzzle and I can’t wait to put it together!  

All about the nursery for the upcoming royal baby - it sounds so high tech! 

These retro cat eye sunglasses look very Mrs. Maisel and are only $10 dollars!

The complete list of Oscar nominations. Woohoo Black Panther! 

I recently saw the Carolina Santo Domingo tote in ivory, and it is gorgeous! If you are going to be anywhere warm, it looks like the perfect complement to your outfit. Seriously, so pretty. 

What have you been enjoying this week? And have a wonderful weekend! 


The Secret To A Long Lasting At Home Manicure

the secret to a long lasting at home manicure

I love doing my nails at home. It allows me to slow down and relax while all of the coats dry, and watch a tv show or read a book. I also enjoy the fact that it is so much cheaper than getting them done at a salon. After years of these diy manicures I’ve found that my nails last just as long, if not longer, than when I have them done in a salon. While practice makes perfect when it comes to doing your right hand (or left hand in my case #leftie), a long lasting finish can be achieved by anyone if you keep in mind the four steps -

First, make sure you use a base coat on dry nails. Do not soak them ahead of time, that actually makes them chip faster. I really love the Orly Bonder base coat; I don’t know how many bottles I’ve gone through at this point.

Two, use at least two coats of a high quality nail polish with a thick brush. I really like Essie, OPI and Butter London. The quality is great, and the price isn’t high especially since you can use a coupon on the polishes at Ulta or at CVS.

Three, use a top coat. Make sure the top coat has a thick consistency and a high shine. I like the OPI one a lot, and have also had good luck with the ones by Butter London and Orly.

Finally, make sure you let your nails dry in between coats! I wait at least five minutes in between every coat. I also finish off the manicure with drying drops by OPI. Even with the drying drops, however, be careful with what you touch and don’t put on gloves for a few hours.

What are your favorite nail polish colors right now? Tips for using your own nails?


Best Buys of August

Happy September everyone! I know we are a few days into the month already, but with this heat wave I'm having a hard time remembering it isn't still August, haha. Anyone else?! Regardless, September is upon us, and I wanted to use the opportunity to start a new blog series - my favorite finds from each month. I few other bloggers do this series, and I always really enjoy knowing what they truly used and loved each month, so I thought I would do the same. 

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

First up, a big favorite this month is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I purchased Duck Egg Blue, a gray blue color, and a gray taupe color named French Linen. I used the blue on a bathroom shelf and the gray on our hall table. It only took me 2 coats to refinish the furniture, and the color is opaque and makes the pieces look brand new. Would anyone like to see pictures? 

Supergoop Setting Spray

Next, I have used this Makeup Setting Spray spray every day all month long. I use it at home and keep it in my bag to use throughout the day. It is so easy to reapply, and it doesn't mess up your makeup. It comes in a travel size too to take in your purse. 

Third, I adore my new handbag - the Salvatore Ferragamo Vara bag in navy. We purchased it while in Italy to save money with the VAT refund, and it is the perfect handbag. The strap converts between a shoulder bag and a cross body, it fits all my daily essentials, and I love the bow detail. I also love having a dark blue bag to match my wardrobe for fall and winter. 

Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Bag
Rifle Paper Co. Agenda

Fourth is my new Agenda - I wanted to start off the fall feeling more organized and put together. I purchased this agenda so that I could keep track of my month at a glance along with my daily to do list. My old system involved a lot of scraps of paper, and I would feel like the forest was getting lost for the trees. This agenda is already making a big difference, and I love that the cute print doubles as home decor. 


Fresh Sugar Spice

Finally, my Fresh Sugar Spice Lip Color. I generally have a lip color on repeat each season, and this fall it's going to be Spice by Fresh Sugar. The brand's lip products are my favorite because they are so hydrating and come in wearable yet pretty shades. This rose color is brand new, and the perfect autumn color. 

What did you fall in love with in August? Any new things you are excited to try in September?