Happy Friday

Washington DC Cherry Blossoms
Washington DC Cherry Blossoms
Washington DC Cherry Blossoms

Happy Friday everyone! What a week! It was so unexpectedly busy, and JD was away on a business trip for a few days, so I’m looking forward to the weekend! We are finishing the birthday celebration with a great Italian dinner at Piccolo (a Georgetown restaurant) and some college basket . Or rather, JD will be watching the final four while I read ; )

Here are some things around the internet that I enjoyed this week -

Some home organization tips from the master

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are officially on Instagram

What jobs the Disney princesses would have now - so clever!

The “Italian Girl” beauty formula

I am so in love with these gingham Jack Rogers

Can’t wait to see what Gal Meets Glam cardigans are going to be like

Too Faced Chocolate bronzer is one of my all time favorites and today it’s 50% off at Ulta!

Rachel Parcell’s entry way is #housegoals

Tuckernuck’s classic Lantern earrings are in turquoise now! so pretty

This self-tanner sounds amazing

Chard and almond pasta for a delicious dinner

Have an amazing weekend everyone!


Happy Friday!

Glitter Handbag

What a fast week! I feel like I blinked and it was Wednesday, and now it’s Friday! It was a pretty basic week, filled with errands and to do lists and a new puzzle, and it flew by. I’m looking forward to a fun weekend ahead. I have a few good books lined up, and my husband, JD, and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day a little early. When the holiday falls on a weekday we like to go out the weekend before, and then on Valentine’s Day itself we stay in and have a nice homemade dinner. This year we are going to go see the LEGO movie and I think go to Legal Seafoods, though I’m not positive about the restaurant. For Valentine's Day itself I’m making homemade pasta and maybe lava cakes. I haven’t finalized the dessert yet, but I’m pretty excited to make it! I love a good themed baked good.

Here are some of the things I enjoyed online this week -

The Romantic History of the puzzle purse Valentine

Glitter purses are in, and I’m super excited about it!

The best glitter makeup

I think I need these blossom earrings in my life! They are the perfect size, and I love that the seed bead detailing at the center adds interest and a little sparkle.

These Demellier handbags have been seen on the arms of a lot of the royals lately. Isn’t the leather gorgeous? I really like the pink and red combo, surprisingly.

These mousse parfaits sound amazing

Valentine’s Day cocktails to try

Jennifer Lawrence is engaged!

A great tip for keeping your necklaces from tangling when you layer them

Barbie, the ultimate influencer

Trader Joes Valentine’s Day treats

Target Sugarfix (the Baublebar Target line) jewelry is 20%! These earrings look a lot like the Madewell ones. I also think these are really pretty and they are $6.39!

Have a great weekend everybody!


Happy Friday

The Little Book of Hygge

Happy Friday everyone! Did you all have a nice week? Did you weather through the cold okay? It is not nearly as cold here in D.C. as in the rest of the country but we still saw the temperature drop! I don’t think my husband has ever spent this much time in frigid weather, so he’s been a real trooper. I knit him a hat in the fall and he’s gotten lots of use out of it. We also finally turned on the heat - I like my home cold, but it was too cold even for me - have been drinking lots of tea and snuggling under blankets. That’s honestly most of what we did this week, try and stay warm while we worked and cooked and jigsaw puzzled. This weekend is supposed to warm up so I’m looking forward to venturing out and maybe going to the Library of Congress or a museum and watching the Patriots win the Super Bowl. Let’s Go Pats! Are you watching the game? Who are you cheering for?

Here’s the pattern I used to knit my husband’s hat. It was pretty easy and the pattern is easy to follow.

These Super Bowl snacks sound delicious - maple-bacon popcorn? Yes please!

I just saw the Staud Sadie bag and I am in love - it has a vintage vibe with a modern twist that I think is just lovely.

I enjoyed reading this interview with makeup artist Nam Vo, there are so many good product recommendations!

Love Stories to read this Valentine’s Day

Kelly has convinced me to invest in some Rothy’s, the loafers are my favorite!

Why there won’t be any conversation hearts this Valentine’s Day

Some of the best new handbags for Spring 2019

Shows to watch on Netflix now that Good Place is done for the year

Cute bunny videos - who else can’t resist?

I hope you all have a fun weekend! Enjoy the Super Bowl if you’re watching!


Happy Friday

Skiing at Whitetail
We went skiing in Pennsylvania over the holiday - It was so fun, and I’m happy to report I didn’t fall once!

We went skiing in Pennsylvania over the holiday - It was so fun, and I’m happy to report I didn’t fall once!

It’s the weekend again! Aren’t short weeks wonderful? I get so excited to get to hang out with my husband all weekend, even if we aren’t doing anything. We’ve currently been staying in since Winter Is Here and watching old movies and playing games. This past weekend we started a major jigsaw puzzle phase, which is so fun. We killed a 1000 piece puzzle in one afternoon somehow, time just flew by. If you ever need to pass time without thinking about anything, do a puzzle, haha.

The only not fun thing is that winter is killing my immune system. I keep getting sick and I am so over it. I hate being on medicine, it gives me such terrible stomach aches, and as I said - I’m over it. For instance, the newest ailment this week is an eye infection on my eyelid and I feel like I look like a muppet - hence the lack of photos of my face this week ;) Anyways, I’m drinking lots more orange juice than usual and hopefully my immune system gets back on track soon. On the bright side, it’s given me more time on the couch to roam the internet, and I’ve found lots of goodies for you this week!

I check in on what’s going on with American Girl dolls every now and then, I loved them so much as a kid, and the newest one sounds darling!

The colors of the new Tuckernuck scarves are stunning. I can’t decide whether I like the pink or light blue best - they both will be perfect for late winter and spring looks, and look like Hermes scarves!

Is J.Crew dead?

Carly’s take on using her iPad has really inspired me to doodle more on mine!

I can’t wait to make these tassel necklaces

I love seeing pictures of Rachel Parcell’s new home, it’s so beautiful and so enormous!

8 Style Tips Learned from Kate Middleton Last Year

 The Fendi Baguette, which always makes me think of Regina in Mean Girls, is back!

I just ordered this “Readers Paradise” puzzle and I can’t wait to put it together!  

All about the nursery for the upcoming royal baby - it sounds so high tech! 

These retro cat eye sunglasses look very Mrs. Maisel and are only $10 dollars!

The complete list of Oscar nominations. Woohoo Black Panther! 

I recently saw the Carolina Santo Domingo tote in ivory, and it is gorgeous! If you are going to be anywhere warm, it looks like the perfect complement to your outfit. Seriously, so pretty. 

What have you been enjoying this week? And have a wonderful weekend! 


Happy Friday

A moose on the loose at the National Conservatory

A moose on the loose at the National Conservatory

Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe how close to Christmas it is? We are leaving for the holidays next Saturday, so we are soaking in all the D.C. Christmas festivities this weekend, and as many movies as we can handle. I can’t wait to watch Rudolph with some Christmas cookies, see the National Christmas tree, lots and lots of Christmas lights and fingers crossed we’ll find time for Mary Queen of Scotts. I love Tudor history and can’t wait to see it! Here are some other things I’m loving this week -

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is back! If you aren’t watching it, you must! It’s so fun and funny and the clothes are just to die for.

The “Classical Christmas” station on Spotify is good if you are looking for some traditional carols.

These pink and periwinkle pajama bottoms have shooting stars and look so cozy and pretty, perfect for the long winter nights ahead (and they are about $16 right now).

One of my goals for the new year is to clean up my skincare and I just ordered this Coola face sunscreen for $14 (regularly $30).

Have you guys read Therapy Mammals yet? It’s a fun read for the plane or train or any other holiday travel you have coming up!

Happy Friday!