My Beauty Empties

my beauty empties

As much as I love trying new products, I have a few tried and true favorites that I replace again and again! A few of them ran out at the same time recently, which inspired me to share them all with you! Here’s the list- 

Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer - This has been my go to moisturizer for several years. It’s very thick and great for dry and sensitive skin. I also love the simple ingredient list.

Pillow Talk Lipliner - This is the perfect lipliner for almost any shade of lipstick. It defines your lips beautifully, and makes your lips look fuller. I also like to cover my whole mouth and then put a glossy balm on top for a my lips but better look.

Glossier Milky Jelly Face Wash - I don’t know how many bottles of this I’ve gone through! It cleans my face but never irritates it, which is exactly what I’m looking for. (don’t forget to get 10% off your first Glossier order with my rep link).

Nars Cyprus Eyeshadow (on sale!) - This might be the first eyeshadow I’ve ever “hit pan” with. It’s the perfect every day color that makes eyes look defined but not overly dramatic.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation - I love the finish on this foundation. It looks velvety, but not dry or overly matte. It also lasts all day, even in the humidity. Finally, it blends like a dream and can be layered for a sheer to full coverage finish.

Fresh Sugar Petal Lip Treatment - This lip balm has the opacity of a lipstick but it is so moisturizing. I use it whenever I want a pretty pink but my lips are too chapped for lipstick (I.e. almost every day, lol).

Beauty Blender Brush Cleaner - I love this solid makeup brush cleaner. It gets all the stubborn makeup off my brushes without any hassle. Plus, since it’s a solid it’s convenient to store and travel with. I haven’t bought any other brush cleaner in years!

Glossier Lash Slick - I love that this mascara never flakes or clumps or smudges, EVER, and it’s easy to remove in the shower. It is a more “natural” looking mascara if you apply only one coat, but it can be layered to add drama.

What are your beauty empties? Anything I need to try?


What To Get At The Sephora VIB Sale

What To Get At The Sephora VIB Sale

The Sephora VIB sale for fall 2018 is going on right now until September 3 - Right now Rouge members get 20% off starting last Friday; VIB members get 15% off starting Thursday August 30, and Beauty Insiders (free, all you have to do is sign up!) get 10% off starting Thursday August 30. Sephora sales are some of my favorite, because everything is on sale, in stores and online. Since brands like NARS or Drybar almost never go on sale, it's a pretty big sale and a good time to stock up on beauty favorites, gifts, or anything you have been wanting to try. Personally, I am almost out of a few hair products and my blow dryer just broke, so the sale is perfect timing! I also have my eye on some makeup, haha. Here are my favorites -

T3 Cura - I can't wait to pick up this hair dryer! The reviews on Sephora is amazing, and I have heard wonderful things about T3 products for years. I love that it is light weight and dries thick hair quickly. 

Drybar products - I love Drybar hair products. They perform well, are light weight, and don't make my hair feel sticky or heavy. My favorites are the hairspray, the Chaser shine cream and the hair clips

Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush - I love this brush. It polishes your hair while still leaving body and volume. It's especially perfect for second day hair too! 

Olaplex - Olaplex helps repair and strengthen damaged hair, including color treated hair. I've heard rave reviews and can't wait to try it! 

Living Proof Dry Shampoo - Living Proof is the gold standard dry shampoo. It actually cleans your hair and absorbs dirt and oil.

Dry Bar Wrap Party - I got this Drybar curling wand a few months ago and love it. It heats up very quickly and the curls last all day and night. I love that the barrel is different width so you can create tight or loose curls.  

Invisibobble - I love these hair ties! They don't dent your hair when you wear them to workout, and make a voluminous pony. 

Fresh Sugar Lips - These are my favorite lip colors. They are super hydrating, and the Petal color is very pretty. I'm also excited to try Spice for fall. 

Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara - I love this Bobbi Brown mascara. It provides lots of volume and doesn't flake or smudge. And the VIB sale is a perfect time to stock up on your favorite mascara, no matter what it is.  

Naked 2 Palette - This eye shadow palette has every color you need. It's one of my favorites - the color pay off is superb, and the colors blend really well. 

Foundation - The sale is the perfect time to stock up on beauty staples, like your favorite foundation. This Giorgio Armani one is a big favorite; it has natural looking coverage and good staying power. 

Fenty Lip Gloss - Lip gloss is back ladies! This one is universal to match every skin tone and makes your lips look full and plump and has a hint of shimmer. 

NARS lip velvets - Lip velvets provide the perfect color pay off for fall. I especially love all of the deeper red shades. 

NARS Orgasm Afterglow Lip Balm - I've been seeing this lip balm everywhere lately and finally checked it out in store last week. It is the prettiest subtle peach shade with the very faintest amount of gold shimmer. Perfect for a no makeup makeup look. 

Biossance Squalene Oil - I heard about this oil on Fat Mascara and can't wait to try it out. It's free of most chemicals, and helps improve your skins barrier so it retains moisture better. The vitamin C and the original both look great, I can't decide! 

Supergoop SPF Setting Spray - I love using this SPF setting spray. It protects my skin from the sun and is so easy to reapply on the go. 

Dr. Dennis Gross Daily Peel - I use the 5 pack of these when my skin needs a little pick me up. They make your skin glow and cure any breakouts. 

Bite Lip Mask - Unlike most lip balms, this one (and the Fresh one) actually works to heal lips. Plus, it smells divine! 

Foreo Luna - I love, love my Foreo Luna! I swear I never get breakouts anymore, and my skin always feels clean without feeling stripped of moisture. 

Jet Lag Mask - This mask has been flying off the shelves! It is supposed to hydrate and plump your skin, and it is "clean" at Sephora.

Kiehl's Value Kit - The sale is a perfect time to stock up on skin care as well. Kiehl's is a great heritage brand, which I have used for a while. The SPF moisturizer is great and I want to try the Vitamin C serum

Chloe Perfume - Speaking of stocking up, what better to get on sale than your favorite perfume? Plus it makes a great gift!

SLIP pillow case - I have used SLIP pillow cases for a few years and they are wonderful. While a silk pillowcase is an investment, it's worth it in my opinion. My skin and hair are less dry and frizzy in the morning, and it feels cool in the summer months, and luxurious as well. 

Hair Turban - These hair turbans are supposed to be less damaging to your hair, and they keep your wet hair tied up and out of your face. 

Makeup Brushes - A good makeup brush makes a huge difference, and I have found the Sephora brand ones to be consistently good quality. If you are looking to invest in some good brushes, a sale is the perfect time to do so. 

Cologne - I always like to get my husband coloring for the holidays, and getting it on sale is even better. 

Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser - Last but not least, this is my favorite makeup brush cleaner. It gets brushes clean quickly, and it is easy to travel with if need be. Plus, it lasts forever. 

Are there any beauty products you are looking to stock up on? What are your favorites? 


New Beauty Products I'm Excited About

I hope everyone is having a nice week. Today I wanted to share some new beauty products I'm really excited about. I'm currently trying to take very good care of my skin to repair damage caused by the hot summer air and prepare for the cooler months ahead. For me that means lots of moisture. Plus, I can never say no to a knew spa gadget, they are just so fun and satisfying to use! 

Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System
Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System

1. Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System (c/o) - After a summer of pedicures my toes have seen much better days. This treatment system sounds like the perfect way to get them in good shape for the upcoming months of thick socks and cozy slippers. It has a "bioactive Phyto Crystal Complex, a natural nail-hydrating formula that is free of harmful chemicals".  I'm also happy that you apply it once a week, which is so much more manageable than other nail treatments that are every day.

AMP MD System
AMP MD System

2. AMP MD System (c/o) - This uses a micro-exfoliating roller to condition the uppermost layer of your face, and then you add the contents of the night renewing serum capsule. The capsule have peptides and retinol to improve skin texture, and absorb easily after you use the roller. I've seen a lot of micro-exfoliating systems online recently, and am so excited to try this one! I love that it has anti-aging benefits without the cost and recovery of surgical or in office treatments. 


3. Supergoop hand cream and SPF spray - I try and use SPF all year round, and a makeup setting spray is such an easy way to do so! Plus, you can take it on the go easy. In addition, I'm trying to get better at remembering to put SPF on my hands, and this hand cream is an easy way to remember. 

ageLOC LumiSpa
ageLOC LumiSpa
ageLOC LumiSpa

4. The ageLOC LumiSpa (c/o) - This device is a lot like my Foreo Luna, but the handle offers you a lot more control, and it pulses to tell you how long to treat each section of your face. It also makes my face feel a little more exfoliated than the Luna does. It has a silicone head, and comes with a few cleansers depending on your skin type. 

Slip Silk Hair Scrunchies

5. Silk hair scrunches - I use a Slip pillowcase, and it truly makes a difference in how frizzy and unruly my hair is in the morning. Slip just released hair scrunchies, and I'm hoping they allow me to put up my hair at night without crimping my blow out. 

Have you seen any new beauty products lately? Please share! 

The Best Travel Beauty Items

With our upcoming trip to Italy (we're officially going!) I've been thinking a bit about what the best travel beauty items are. I try my best to only travel with a carry-on, but I like having my hair supplies and makeup for a few different looks with me when we travel. After a bit of trial and error over the years, I've come up with a pretty good formula that I am excited to share. These items will cover your beauty routine, but take up very little space!

The Best Travel Beauty Items

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

1. Dry Shampoo - I don't always use dry shampoo at home but I love to travel with it. On days where you have walked a lot but don't want to take up vacation time with doing your hair, this one allows you to go a few days in between washes.

2. Travel Wet Brush - I love the wet brush, it detangles my hair after the shower without over pulling or tangling it. This travel sized one is itty bitty and takes up almost no room in your suitcase.

3. Styling Cream - When I blow dry my hair I always use a styling cream, and this one comes in a great travel size. 

4. SPF Setting Spray - Reapplying sunscreen throughout the day is so important! When I travel, however, I am often walking around all day. This makeup spray is an easy way to reapply SPF to my face since the little bottle fits in my purse. 

5. Travel Hair Dryer - I just got this blow dryer and I am so excited about it! It is soooo tiny! Plus it is dual voltage which is amazing for international travel. 

6. Eyeshadow stick - Eyeshadow stick are great for traveling because you don't have to bring eyeshadow brushes. These Laura Mercier caviar sticks are lovely, and Glossier Lidstar is wonderful too. 

7. Cream blush - I like to bring cream blush when we travel since you don't need to bring a brush to apply it. My personal favorite are the Glossier Cloud Paints

8. Makeup wipes - My favorite are the Say Yes to Cucumber ones. The scent is pleasant but not overpowering, you can often find them on clearance, and they never break out my sensitive skin.

9. Travel beauty containers - I put my night cream and eye cream into little containers that take up a lot less room. You can get sample jars free from department stores, or these clear containers work well too. 

10. Glossier Milky Jelly mini - My favorite face wash now comes in a mini size! 

11. Foreo Luna Play - You all know how much I love my Foreo Luna (theres a deal for both the mini and the play as part of the Nordstrom sale), and this little mini one is so cute and takes up almost no room in your makeup bag. 

12. SPF moisturizer - This moisturizer has a high SPF and actually protects your skin from the sun. Plus, your man will use it too (unlike the makeup setting spray, haha). 

What are your favorite items to travel with? 


Cool New Beauty Products

While we were in NYC I of course had to do some beauty shopping. I love checking out the massive beauty department in Bergdorf Goodman, and Ricky's NYC. I found some really cool new products I'm excited to share. 

Cool New Beauty Products

At Bergdorfs I don't buy anything, but I love browsing and watching all the different colors and products that you can only find online around me. For instance, they have the entire Charlotte Tilbury Line!  

At Ricky's I always pick up new tools and face masks that I can't find in stores in Florida. They have an entire wall of sheet masks for under $10 each, and rows upon rows of every brand of shampoo and conditioner you've ever heard of. On top of that, there is an entire room dedicated to hair clips and bobby pins etc. I didn't even know there were so many, haha. 

Here are my favorite finds -

1. Invisibobble Nano - I love the Invisibobble hair ties. They keep your hair pulled back and somehow they don't crease it, even after a few hours. I found this mini versions that match my hair color; since they are so small they don't need to be re-twisted around your hair.  

2. No Crease Hair Clips - These hair clips don't crease your hair. They are perfect for when you want to clean back your hair after you style it while you do your makeup, or before you go out. I can never find them in store, so I was excited to find these. 

3. Olaplex- This hair treatment fixes hair damage from coloring or heat damage, and you can use it at home.

4. Large Bobbypins - I bought these to secure velcro rollers when I blowout my hair. The spring clips always get caught, and it hurts, haha. 

5. Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish - I love the you-be skin cream. I call it magic cream - it heals flaking and peeling skin facial skin 100% of the time. The brand came out with this body polish; it foams up and then you rub it in to exfoliate your skin.

6. Esfolio Egg Essence Mask Sheet - This mask is "it contains egg yolk extract which helps keep skin energetic and moist. Vitamins of chaenomeles sinensis fruit extract and portulaca oleracea extract help to increase skin elasticity and moisture." Plus, it's $2.99!

7. Bioderma Cleansing Wipes - I love Bioderma micellar water, and am really excited to try the facial wipes. They are my go to beauty products to travel with, and this looks like a fun upgrade.  

8. Pure Smile Pearl Mask - This sheet mask was only $1.99. I read an article a while ago that the pearl face masks are very good, so for less than $2 I'm in!

9. Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter - I have heard so much about this highlighter, I was excited to see what it looks like in person. It is a lot thicker than I thought, and very creamy. The saleswoman says her favorite way to apply it is to mix it with her foundation (any brand). You can also dab it on the high points of your face, like a traditional highlighter. 

10. Charlotte Tilbury Bigger Brighter Eyes Palette, Transform-eyes - This palette swatches a lot lighter and prettier than it looks in the pan. The orange color is actually a lovely burnt sienna. I didn't buy it...but I have a feeling I'm going to succumb. The colors are so unique and pretty, and I am looking for a good 4-color palette for night time looks. 

Have you seen any cool new beauty products yet? Please share!