Ideas for Homemade Valentines

Ideas for Homemade Valentines
Homemade Valentines

One of my favorite parts of Valentine’s Day is making homemade Valentines! There’s just something so special about a homemade card, don’t you think? My favorite Valentines to make are cute and sweet and also unexpected! The sky is the limit when it comes to size and shape, don’t you agree? And also, as you probably aren’t surprised to hear, my philosophy is bring on the glitter! (and if you use glitter glue you don’t have to worry about cleaning it up ;)

Here are some ideas for some lovely homemade Valentines!

Homemade Valentines

A puzzle card - To make a puzzle card, simply draw your design on a piece of paper, whatever size you wish (though try not to make it too much bigger than an envelop) and when you are done turn the design over and use a pencil to draw out a puzzle. Then cut it out along the pencil lines, and erase any leftover markings. Put it in an envelope, and it’s ready for your Valentine!

An origami heart - Write a sweet message on origami paper and then fold it up. Here’ s tutorial on how to fold the heart.

A Valentine themed cootie catcher - Remember coodie catchers? I have no idea how much time I spent making and playing with them in elementary school, especially on the bus! Here’s a tutorial on how to fold the cootie catcher. Once you’ve folded it, write Valentine themed messages on the squares.

A Scandinavian heart filled with treats - These hearts look way harder to make than they actually are, so they are sure to impress! Here is a video on how to cut and fold the hearts. If you make it big enough, you can stick some Reese’s hearts in their, or even an origami heart with a message!

A Valentine themed crossword - I made a crossword for my dad once, he loved it! Here is crossword I found online, or I think it would be really sweet if the clues were specific to the person you gave it to.

I tend to shop at Michael’s and JoAnn’s for my craft supplies. I personally love this heart hole punch, this Valentine’s Day themed scrapbook paper, and I love, love my Cricut Explore Air!

What are your favorite DIY Valentine’s? Do you still exchange Valentine’s? Happy Crafting!


How to Make Felt Ornaments

How to make felt ornaments

One of my favorite things to do over the holidays is make Christmas ornaments, especially felt ornaments. Crafting is one of my favorite pastimes, and one I want to start sharing a little more about on the blog. Ornaments seem like the perfect place to start, since homemade decorations look so pretty around the home and make special gifts.

How to make felt ornaments

Felt is such a fun crafting medium because you can make almost any shape you can imagine, and you can find it at any craft store for almost nothing. Over the years I have made snow cottages and mittens and polar bears and even the Epcot dome. Any level crafter can succeed with felt too, just be sure to start with a simpler pattern.

How to make felt ornaments

All you need is -a pattern; felt of various colors; embroidery floss of various colors; ribbon; sharp scissors; sewing needle; water soluble marker. Optional supplies include beads and sequins; stuffing (to make the shape more 3D) and glue.

Steps -

  1. Find a pattern. You can draw one yourself, or print out a picture online. Just make sure that whatever you use is not too detailed - for instance, you want to find the outline of a rabbit, not a detailed sketch of a rabbit. Once you have your image, print and cut it out.

  2. Lay the images on top of your felt and trace it with the water soluble marker.

  3. Cut the image out and rinse the felt in the sink to remove the marker; let the felt dry. Make sure you make two of everything, so that your ornament has a front and a back.

  4. Sew the different felt pieces together using a blanket stitch. You can glue the felt together before you sew it, it makes it a lot easier. Also, make sure you use embroidery floss that corresponds with the color of the felt.

  5. “Decorate” the felt images with different embroidery stitches, beads, or even sequins. For example, if you are making a rabbit embroider on its eyes and ears.

  6. Sew the two halves of the ornament together using a blanket stitch. Once you have sewn 3/4 of the ornament, add the stuffing and the ribbon, then sew it up.

  7. Hang it on the tree!

Here is a youtube video I found that’s helpful, and here is a tutorial for the blanket stitch.

What’s your favorite Christmas craft?


Tips for Organizing a Small Space

Now that we live in a big city, we have had to re-adjust our storage system. City living involves less square footage than suburban life, haha, especially since we will have winter gear for the first time! I've managed to find ways to store our belonging so that they look good and are easy to access. Here are my tricks for organizing a small space -

1. Utilize decorative baskets. They are a great way to store items in plain site. These are great because they have a lid so they can be stacked. 

2. Utilize wall space. We found this wall mounted towel rack and love it. It stores the towels without taking up space in the linen closet, and looks decorative. 

3. Repurpose old furniture. Instead of finding ways to store furniture that you aren't currently using, repurpose it with a fresh coat of paint. I recently painted our hallway table and a shelf we had in the bathroom and now they hold a lot of odds and ends and match our current decor. 

4. Don't forget to store things under the bed. It's a lot of empty square footage! I like that these bins can store linens, knick knacks, and even shoes!

5. Find decorative carts. Sometimes there isn't enough room to put away everything, so find a way to make your tools decorative. We bought this cart to store bathroom supplies, hand towels, bubble bath etc. and it really brightens the bathroom while keeping everything organized. 

6. Store things behind the door. I currently have this behind the door shoe rack and really like it because the closet door still closes. They also make these pocket ones, and you can store anything from shoes to hats and gloves to kitchen gadgets in them. 

7. Use food canisters. Food canisters are great because you can stack them. We have a few lazy susan's now, and the canisters work so much better at storing food than keeping it in its original packaging, since those boxes fall over or become duplicitous. 

8. Get stackable plastic bins. If you are storing anything in large plastic bins, like Christmas decorations, get ones that easily stack. I got these Hefty ones and I really like them. They come in a number of sizes, the lids are made to stack different sizes on top of each other, and the lid is a few inches high which means that if you over stuff the bin the lid still fits!

9. Good Old Space Bags. Nothing beats space bags for storing clothes, blankets and comforters. It's amazing how much smaller your stuff gets! 

What's your favorite storage tips?