Happy Friday


Sorry I was a little MIA this week! I thought I had scheduled a post, but it got scheduled to a section of the website that isn’t visible (#newappproblems) and then, honestly, the daily logistics of life took over. I had to call the dentist like 5 times one day to schedule 2 cleanings, same with the optometrist, etc.. It sounds like not a big deal, but it was stuff like that non-stop all week and it just takes so much longer than you think and truly saps all of my patience and attention span. But, on the bright side, while I was on hold so long I found some fun internet articles, lol. Did anyone else have a week where the smallest items on your to do list take up ALL of your time?

But, back to finding joy : ) Here are some articles that made me smile this week-

I really enjoyed this interview with the former Glamour UK beauty editor

Men’s polos are on sale and an extra 30% off at Ralph Lauren, a great last minute Father’s Day gift!

The recipe for the perfect mascara application

Some good restaurant recommendations if you are going to Savannah any time soon!

I’m in love with Lilly Pulitzer’s navy new arrivals, especially this dress!

How to help save the bees if you live in a city

A great high low list if you are on the market for a new purse

I love Kate Middleton’s casual look, especially the pleated collar

I can’t wait to make these salmon burgers this weekend

Essie nailpolishes on sale for $6.59 at Target!

Have a great weekend!


Happy Friday

Washington DC tulips

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you don’t mind all of the flower pictures these last few weeks, they just make me so happy and I figure I should spread the joy! This week I realized that while the cherry blossoms are just about finished, there are tulips blooming everywhere; they are in so many vibrant colors, and then every once in a while a different flower variety pops up in the middle, like in the picture above. All of these flowers have gotten me to pause for a second and take in the beauty around me, reminding me to find joy in every day moments. I hope my pictures inspire you too!

Here are some other things bringing me joy this week -

My favorite sneakers are on sale as part of the ShopBop sale! They are the Classic Cotu sneakers by Superga and I highly recommend them!

I really enjoyed this interview with the founder of Vitner’s Daughter

Lisi Lerch is 30% off for Easter! I’m in love with the Ginger Earrings (Cameron Eubanks wears them on Southern Charm all the time)

Martha Stewart’s egg dying tips

The trailer for Amy Poehler’s new movie is out!

Kate at The Small Things Blog has a great primer on retinol

If you are looking to start a Podcast Grace has some great info on The Stripe

Thoughts on why book clubs are popular again

Have a great weekend everyone!


Happy Friday

pink and green for St. Patrick's Day

I can’t believe it’s already Friday! March is just zipping by - normally it drags, but not this year! Above is a picture from St. Patrick’s day. We went to Martin’s Tavern in Georgetown and got to sit at the Proposal Booth, where JFK proposed to Jackie! I was pretty excited about it! Also, I wore this Lilly dress since it had green in it and I love it so much! It’s such classic prep with the pink and green and the cut is so flattering. Plus, it’s great to have a dress with a sleeve.

This upcoming weekend we don’t have much going on so I’m looking forward to taking long strolls outside to take in more of the pretty spring flowers and trying out some new recipes. Since we don’t eat meat on Friday during Lent I’m going to make a fisherman’s stew, and I’m pretty excited about it! That, and probably a new dessert because you know I can’t resist sweets ; )

Glossier is now valued at over $1 billion after a successful series D funding

The purple sequin Fendi baguette is back and it is a whole lot of purse

These wine roasted strawberries sound amazing

Glossier released a new mango lip balm

Cupcakes and Cashmere just launched shoes and I’m pleasantly surprised by how cute the kitten heels look

Lilly Pulitzer has gifts with purchase this weekend! They are so cute, I love the pattern they picked, and I love, love how soft this velvet robe is (which qualifies for presents : )

Kate and the Queen make a very cute duo

 I’m very intrigued by ice rollers now!

I always love the Into The Gloss beauty March Madness


Have a great weekend! 


Happy Friday

new glasses

Happy Friday! Spring has sprung in D.C. and it’s so exciting! Yesterday I walked around in a shift dress and sneakers! And I saw newly bloomed flowers on my walk home! I’ve never experienced a real spring before - in Florida it was just hot all spring long, and in Boston it was cold until June - so I’ve thrilled to soak in the spring sunshine and blooming flowers. On that note, this weekend I plan on spending as much time outside as possible, likely with a good book and a cold La Croix. We are also going to see Captain Marvel and I am so, so excited! I love the superhero movies, and having a major female Marvel superhero is so great. And, to top it all off, I can’t wait for some corned beef and cabbage on Sunday. The perfect St. Patrick’s Day treat.

Here are some other things I enjoyed online this weekend-

I just ordered these new glasses, the Warby Parker Madeleine, and I’m so excited about them!

Irish recipes to cook for St. Patrick’s Day

A delicious sounding Green Drink to start the day

DIY ring pops

Carly posted a video on DIY monogrammed sweatshirts and I can’t wait to make one

Have you seen the new Draper James shoes? The gingham ones are my favorite, though they are all so cute!

Can you believe that these works of art are egg shells?

Gal Meets Glam launched new dresses and they are all gorgeous! I particularly love the Aurora maxie, it looks like a wear everywhere princess dress! And the Cecily has the most gorgeous rosebud fabric.

New spring beauty trends

Tricks to make your foundation look smooth

Festive St. Patrick’s Day cocktails

Have a wonderful weekend! And happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Happy Friday

Georgetown Park

Happy Friday everyone! What a busy week! And can you believe it’s already March? I feel like January took a while, and February ended before I blinked! We have a busy weekend ahead too - family is coming in to town which means lots of sightseeing, good food and late nights. I’m really excited to see everyone, but I know i’m going to need a nap, ha! When it’s over I think I’m going to make lots of cookies and pasta and delight in the last of the winter weather. Because once mid-March hits, it’s spring in my head, no matter what the forecast says! What about you? Any fun plans?

Here are some things around the web I enjoyed this week -

Lilly Pulitzer launched their spring collection and I am obsessed with the Sweet Pea print. It is the prettiest light pink and blue!

I love Carly’s snow day outfit

Tips for making your bathroom into a spa

The most popular Trader Joe’s items by state

I always find so much inspiration from Julia’s daily looks

A round-up of the most gorgeous floral handbags

Jelly shoes are back! I used to love these, and I’m so tempted to pick up these pink or clear ones

An interview with an expert on what beauty products are actually “clean”

The best drawer organizers on Amazon, perfect for your Marie Kondo cleanup

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



Happy Friday


Happy Friday everyone! Is anyone else excited for the Oscars this weekend and I’m so excited! Every year I make a decadent dinner, put on some old costume jewelry to pretend I’m at the event, and watch the show with my nearest and dearest while filling out Oscars score cards and commentating on all the speeches and dresses. Then for the next few weeks I bing on all the movies that won. It’s one of my favorite traditions!

Oscars bingo cards are always my favorite and these look very cute

The official Oscars cocktail to make at home

The most popular home paint colors of 2019

This Lilly Pulitzer top in Postcards from Positano has me dreaming of returning to Italy

A new beauty shop I can’t wait to visit the next time we are in NYC

New Gal Meets Glam resort launched and I love this floral Sophia jumpsuit! The print is so pretty and I love the wide leg crop pants. Plus the clothes are carried at more stores now, including Anthropologie.

A list of some of the best beauty finds, including a lot of drugstore products

This home is inspiring me to add a lot more plants to our decor

Alicia Paulson’s new handmade apothecary box looks like hygge in a box, and it’s so lovely too

Erica Jayne (of Real Housewives fame) launched a collaboration with Too Faced and the highlighter even has a dollar sign on it

I popped into Forever 21 for the first time in forever yesterday and they have so many cute earrings! I love all the tortoiseshell options, especially these.

Are you watching the Oscars? Do you have any Oscar traditions?


Happy Friday

Lisi Lerch Cameron earrings

Happy Friday everyone! Did you all have a good week? Mine was okay, I got sick over the weekend and was on quarantine most of this week which made the days kind of drag. I’m a person who loves to be on the go all the time so some forced relaxation was not my speed but also just what the doctor ordered. On the bright side, though, I got a lot of reading done and re-watched the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - there are so many jokes I didn’t catch the first time I watched it!

Here are some things I loved online this week -

Some of the best Golden Globes dresses

The perfect cocktail for awards season

Opalhpuse for Target has some beautiful home decor right now; I really love this floral patterned decorative vase and this heart wreath will look so sweet around Valentine’s Day

Ashley Brooke has a great reminder about finding and sticking to your personal style

All about sequels to Crash Rick Asians

I love Mackenzie’s tip for how to repurpose an Ikea dresser!

This Vineyard Vines tote looks perfect for weekend getaways - it’s beige with a lovely raspberry bottom and large enough to fit most of what you need - and over 50% off!

6 Healthy Habits to be happier in 2019 

 Five new beauty products to try this year

Charlotte Tilbury came out with a loose setting powder

Happy birthday Kate Middleton!


Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone! As I write this it is currently snowing outside my window and I am over the moon. I feel about snow the way that Lorelei did on Gilmore Girls - remember the episodes where she could smell snow coming and new that something wonderful was about to happen? That’s how I feel - waking up to the flakes falling outside our window was just the best surprise! I can’t wait to see what the rest of winter has in store for us in this new place. Love you D.C.!

Upside down Snowman

Here’s other things I’ve been loving this week -

1) Kate Middleton wore these lovely pearl earrings recently and I found these at Lisi Lerch for a fraction of the price!

2) We had hot cocoa at Williamsburg and it was so delicious. It include anise, and orange and cinnamon and chili pepper and was such an amazing combination of flavors; I can’t wait to make it at home. If you are looking for a winter treat that isn’t as sweet I found this recipe (though I wouldn’t add the sugar) that I can’t wait to make.

3) I think that this nude pink shade, Bobbi Brown in Bobbi, looks like the perfect lip color for winter. I can’t wait to wear it with everything. Plus, it also comes in a little holiday set at Sephora for less!

4) The new Harry Potter, or rather Fantastic Beasts, movie comes out this weekend. Is anyone else excited to see it?

5) Old Navy has the cutest Christmas pajamas! I love all of them, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be these.


Happy Friday

Fall Foliage in Washington D.C.

Another week, another weekend. How was yours? It was good here, I got a lot done so we can relax this weekend and get ready for a busy November. We are going out of town for my birthday (!) and for Thanksgiving, so it will be nice to take a breathe and have some quality time with my husband for a few days. I’m thinking coffee, sitting by the fire on the roof and enjoying the gorgeous foliage everywhere. What about you?

This week I am really excited about -

I’m almost done Lilac Girls and can’t recommend it enough. It’s not a light read, but it is so good, I couldn’t put it down.

Isn’t this fluffy jacket so cool and cozy looking? I love the pink color, and it’s under $30!

I love a turtleneck, how about you? I can’t chose between this striped one (on sale) and this solid one (less than $15)

My love of statement earrings has only grown, and I can’t stop thinking about these.

Old Navy has the cutest Christmas pajamas for the whole family. I think they will sell out fast, so I think I’ll pull the trigger now.

I hope you all have a fun and relaxing weekend!


Happy Friday everyone!

Did everyone have a nice week? I hope so! It was pretty busy around here, but full of so many wonderful things. We are planning our trip to Italy, which is in less than two weeks and I am just so excited! We've been booking hotels and trains all week; if anyone has any recommendations I am all ears! 

bicycle basket

I'm on the hunt for scarves to tie on my handbags and around my neck for the end of summer and fall. I love this gator one (go Gators!), this one is reversible, and this one is just darling and on sale!

I was listening to the podcast Fat Mascara on my way to visit my parents last weekend and they had a guest interview talking about this new product, Biossance 100% squalan oil. It sounds amazing; it is supposed to hydrate and lock in moisture like nothing else and is "clean" (as in no paragons, phthalates, mineral oil, retinol palmitate, etc.).  Call me intrigued. 

Has anyone else seen LA to Las Vegas? It is surprisingly funny! And the perfect amount of cooky. 

I've been on the hunt for a "personal item" to pair with my carry one suitcase so that I don't have to check a bag when we travel. These Vera Bradley grand traveler bags look perfect, and the price point is much lower than everything else I found. Plus, doesn't Vera Bradley luggage bring back so many sentimental memories? 

Happy weekend! 


Happy Friday Friends!

Cheers to another weekend! I was out of work on Monday, so this week went by so quickly! I honestly can't believe it is already Friday, but I'll take it, haha. We are going on a quick getaway with friends and I am looking forward to laying in the shade and doing lots of beach reading. Fingers crossed the sun stays out. 

Flashback to Kate and I enjoy the RAF event 

Flashback to Kate and I enjoy the RAF event 

This week I'm excited about the Nordstrom sale! I posted about my favorite beauty finds, and today I'm really excited that the classic J.Crew pajamas are on sale! Here's short sleeves and pants, long sleeves and pants and short sleeves and shorts.

I've been doing a lot more reading lately and recently finished Circe, The Great Alone and Everything I Never Told You. I would recommend all of them, but they were not light reading. The Great Alone, for instance, kept me up well into the night. 

I'm completely crushing on dark green recently. Some of my favorites are:

Finally, I can't wait to bake these salted caramel cookie bars some time soon!