The Best Christmas Gifts for Mom

Today I’m excited to share some Christmas gift ideas for mom. I don’t know about your mom, but my own is generally the most difficult person to shop for on my list. She likes gifts that are fun but above all practical, and that can be a difficult balance! I put together all the best gifts I’ve gotten for her in past years, along with some cute stocking stuffers I’m sure she’d love, at a range of price points. I hope you find some of your own shopping inspiration!

Christmas Gifts for Mom
  1. Ring doorbell - This is a doorbell with a camera that connects to your phone, so you can see whenever anyone is in front of your door even when you aren’t home. It’s nice because it’s basically a home alarm system without a monthly fee.

  2. Luggage - My mom is always on the hunt for a nice suitcase, but rarely pulls the trigger despite needing one.

  3. Le Pliage tote - The perfect tote.

  4. AirPods - It’s so nice to be able to use the phone hands free, especially if your mom is like mine and walks or rides her bike a lot.

  5. Slippers - These slippers are so cozy and my mom asks for them year after year.

  6. Pajamas - I love giving pajamas. Everyone loves a new cozy pair, especially my mom. These ones are on sale too!

  7. Cozy fleece - She wears it to relax at home or ride her bike, so it’s cozy and functional.

  8. L.L.Bean Tote - You can’t go wrong. They are canvas, wear like iron, and under $40.

  9. Custom Yankee Candle - Yankee candle does custom candles! You can have your family pictures printed right on the label, isn’t that fun?!

  10. Yeti mug - Keeps your coffee warm for hours. My mom works in a school, so she loves having warm coffee every time she has a minute to take a sip (since she can’t go and get more).

  11. Travel sized hand cream - The perfect size to fit in your purse.

  12. Chanel lipstick - My aunt uses this stuff and swears by the color and how long it lasts. It’s a great gift since it’s functional but feels luxurious (who doesn’t want to open a Chanel box?)

  13. Instant pot - I’ve only heard great things about these, and they are on sale for the holidays.

Happy shopping!


Gifts $25 and Under for Her and Him

The holidays are here! Have you started on your shopping lists yet? I’ve made a small dent, and I’m hoping to get most of it done this week with the great Black Friday sales. I say this every year though…so we’ll see, haha. Most of my list consists of gifts that are under $25, and I’ve been scouring the internet looking for the best gifts under $25 for her and him to share with all of you. I feel like a lot of bloggers made gift guides full of cute, but over priced items so I tried really hard to find great items that are reasonably priced and that people will actually use. Let me know if there are any other types of gift guides you’d like to see, or present ideas for people who are hard to shop for (looking at you dad!)

Gifts $25 and Under for the Ladies

The Best Gifts for $25 and Under
  1. “Life Happens Coffee Helps” mug - So cute and so true!

  2. Quality sweater de-piller - It looks chic so it’s luxurious, but people will actually use it. Plus, it’s a good yankee swap.

  3. Sugarfina candy - The candy is delicious and I think everyone gets excited by the sight of the clear cube. Also a great yankee swap gift.

  4. PJ shorts - I think everyone loves pajamas!

  5. The best cozy socks ever - These are my all time favorite!

  6. Bow hair elastics - Bows are very on trend right now, and these look both cute and luxurious. Perfect as a stocking stuffer or a small gift to a girlfriend. You could even break up the pack and add them to goody bags for several people!

  7. L’Occitane Shea gift set - You can’t go wrong with luxury skincare, especially not at this price. The small sizes make the items great for people who travel a lot too.

  8. J.Crew velvet hair tie - These are so popular! They are 40% off at J.Crew right now, and I bet all the ladies you know secretly want one (or not so secretly)

  9. Sparkly statement necklace - J.Crew Factory has such a great assortment this year, and they have a major Black Friday sale going on.

  10. Satin hair bow - I know, another bow. But I just love them, and I think it’s the perfect gift- something a person wants but isn’t likely to buy for themselves.

  11. Binge Watching Beauty Kit - This kit contains a sofa yoga guide, face mask, toe separators, lip balm, dental floss, fuzzy socks, decision coin, hand cleaner, facial tissue, snack clip, hair tie, hand lotion, breath drops, coasters, facial cleanser, nail buffer block. It’s cute, full of stuff people will use, and I think it will be a popular yankee swap gift.

  12. Handbag rain coat - Silly? perhaps. Perfect for the handbag lover in your life? yes.

  13. Nailpolish - I love this red color!

  14. Bobbi Brown Lipstick set - You get Sandwash Pink and Brownie, both of which are gorgeous shades.

  15. Bite Beauty set - Bite beauty makes the best lip mask, which is included in this kit along with some other new products.

  16. Minimergency kit - I love these. It’s so nice to know you have everything you could need in your purse, and they don’t take up much room. Great for a yankee swap too.

  17. Rose Gold Frame - I think the shape is lovely and it looks more expensive than it is.

  18. Board Games - My family loves getting board games over the holidays so we can all play together. They are inexpensive and make wonderful memories that can be created year after year.

  19. L.L.Bean Boat Tote - The small size is under $25, and I think it makes a really quality gift that everyone will appreciate and use for years.

Gifts $25 and Under For Gents

Best Gifts $25 and under for guys
  1. Electronic football game - this vintage game looks so fun. Plus it makes a good yankee swap gift.

  2. Corona Sugarfina - beer candy. Sugarfina is a marketing genius.

  3. Socks - My husband loves getting socks for the holidays. He always needs them and he never wants to buy them for himself.

  4. Baseball cap - Most of the men in my life are getting Red Sox hats this year, and I think that all guys love a good cap!

  5. Key Multi-tool - Isn’t this cool? It’s a box opener, bottle opener, and multiple hex keys.

  6. Candy - Peppermint bark. You can’t go wrong! Plus it’s great for yankee swap.

Happy holiday shopping! I hope this was useful for everyone.