The Lilly Pulitzer After Part Sale January 2018!

The Lilly Pulitzer After Party sale starts tomorrow, with a sneak peek in stores todat! This is one of only two sales a year, and the discounts are always major. I get most of my Lilly gear at the sale, and am always thrilled at the prices I pay.  

Lilly Pulitzer Sale

After shopping the sale for a few years now, here are my big pieces of advice: 

1. Try to log into the site at exactly 8 am to get the best spot in the virtual line. 

2. Don’t refresh your browser once you are in line, you will lose your place.  

3. If you get something you really like, check out right away. You’ll have to wait in the line again, but otherwise you run a high risk of it getting sold out. 

4. Log in with a few devices, if possible, so that you can get back into the sale faster after you’re first check out.  

5. Have your billing and shipping information saved ahead of time for a faster check out process. 

6. Have a few items in mind that you want to buy; I find this helps me stay focused and not spend a lot more money then I intent, since the prices always tempt me.  

7. Check the Lilly Facebook and Instagram accounts if the site crashes - they often post updates there. 

8. The offering online is generally much larger than in store, and they often add more items the second day of the sale. 

Happy Shopping! Let me know if you got anything good!