What I’m Shopping For

2018 brings many new opportunities and adventures, and I can’t wait to meet them with my best foot forward. When the New Years begins I like to freshen up my wardrobe, acquiring a few new items but also getting rid of things that I don’t wear (or shouldn’t, in the case of a few faded items, ha!)  

Spring Shopping

1. Coffee Tumbler - I would like a new coffee tumbler, I lost the lid on my old one, so that I can keep tea and coffee warm at my desk for a long while and don’t go through multiple disposable coffee cups in one day. I like that this one is red and is supposed to keep beverages hot and cold for forever. I’m also happy that it’s a lot cheaper and easier to clean than the popular s’well ones.

2. New ballet flats - Mine are all run down after a full year. I think worn out shoes ruin an outfit, and I also just get kinda blue when I feel like my shoes are ugly. I heard about Margaux flats on Carly the Prepster’s blog, and I think they fit the bill perfectly for my 2018 pair. I love the gray color, the quality looks superb, and they don’t cost an arm and a leg for designer branding. They opened up a pop up shop on Palm Beach and I can’t wait to go! For those of you who don’t live near one, you can buy them online too. 

3. Body oil - My skin has been so dry and itchy. Moisturizer just isn’t cutting it, so I’m going to try out body oil. I’m looking for one that isn’t teeming with chemicals and artificial fragrance. This one looks promising! And since Sephora sells them now, I can return it if it doesn’t work miracles on my itchy legs. 

4. Cozy sweatshirt - I have been on the hunt for a cozy sweatshirt that I can wear out of the house without looking frumpy. It does get chilly at night here in South Florids (or at least I get chilly, I’m always cold) and we are going to NYC in a few weeks so I think this one looks perfect. I love the twist detail in the front! 

5. New sunglasses - I like having a few pairs of sunglasses on rotation to match all of my outfits, and my back up pairs broke. I love the unique feeling of the clubmasters, I think they add a somewhat vintage vibe to outfits. There are also a number of shapes and colors so one can find a flattering pair for their own face. 

6. Wicker bag - My wicker bag from last year has seen better days. I was surprised by how often I used it, it became a true staple in my wardrobe since it goes with almost anything. I love the unique shape of this one, and the fact that I can easily tie a handkerchief on the handle. Plus, it’s not super expensive. 

7. Sandals - I drooled over Carrie Forbes sandals on Instagram all last year and I think I might take the plunge. They are just so beautiful looking, one of those pieces that makes any assortment of clothes a classic “outfit.” 

8. Crossbody bag - I don’t own any crossbody bags that are big enough to fit both my Keyes and my phone. I love the color of this Mulberry one, and it looks like the perfect size to fit my essentials without being too big and heavy. I know brown and black are more practical options, but that’s what a wicker bag is for. Right? 

9. Cute tee - I do live in South Florida. Within a couple of weeks it will be back to t-shirts, and mine are WORN OUT. I love that this one elevates the simple tee with the detailing on the sleeves and the ribbed fabric.

Is there anything you shopping for to start of 2018? I can’t wait to hear!