What to Get Your Guy For Valentines Day

I can’t believe it’s almost Valentines Day. I always celebrate the holiday in a pretty low key fashion, but I still like to get my man a little surprise. So,etching sweet but masculine, and thoughtful. That can be pretty tough to come up with sometimes, so I’ve developed a list of staples to inspire everyone’s holiday gifting! 

Gifts for your guy

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1. T Shirts - My man hates buying them but loves having new ones. It's a thoughtful gift, it isn't too expensive, and he'll think of you every morning when he puts them on. 

2. After Shave Balm - I love getting my husband shaving stuff. Nice shaving products elevate an every day process, and it seems so manly and romantic.

3. Cologne - I think a sexy scent epitomizes the romantic Valentines Day gift.

4. Socks - Socks are like the tees. He doesn't want to buy them, but he wants to own them, and you can show him how sweet and thoughtful you are.

5. Shaving kit - I love that this kit has every shaving thing he could need, even the most awesome razor I've ever seen.

6. Pajamas - Guys like cuddly pajamas too, even if they'd never admit it. 

7. This cologne is one of my personal favorites. Who says a gift to your guy can't also be a gift to you? 

8. And this is my other favorite cologne.

9. Work socks to cover all the bases.

10. I got my husband this shave cream back when we were dating, and no joke the container lasts him almost a full year! 

Also, I highly recommend a sweet card and even a homemade gift. Even if your guy isn't the most romantic, he still wants to feel the love. 

Do you have any gift ideas? Do you know how you're celebrating? I'd love to hear!