What to Pack for a Sightseeing Trip

What To Pack for A Sightseeing Trip

We’ve been on a number of sight seeing trips in the past year, and I’ve finally honed down what the essentials are to pack. Packing is something that I think sounds very straight forward, but in actuality takes some practice and finesse to learn. With that in mind, since Soring Break season is upon us, I thought it would be helpful to share what to pack for a sightseeing trip with all of you. I’m not including items like clothes and toiletries, since everyone is going to do their own thing. These are more universal items that I always use and make the trip better. I know a few of you have some trips around the corner, so I hope this is helpful! 

1. Ponchos. I buy them in bulk on Amazon, and then pack 2 or 3 each for my husband and I. I leave the most of them at the hotel, and carry around one each in my backpack. 

2. Pocket Umbrella. if you are going to a city, have a pocket umbrella in your purse. They aren’t that heavy and look a lot chicer than a poncho. At this time of year the chances of rain or sleet are very high, so it will definitely come in handy. I just got this one and it’s so cute, I love all the little details like the hot dog vendor and pidgeons. I also love all of these:

4. A cute backpack (or large tote). I bought this Longchamp backpack a couple of years ago and I use it on every trip we take. It isn’t large so it doesn’t get to heavy or hot, but it fits all of the essentials like our phones, wallets, charger, ponchos and/or umbrella, and sweaters. I also love that it isn’t too feminine so I can get my husband to carry it ;) The Longchamp tote is great too, especially since it folds up if you aren’t using it in the plane. I use it when we go to a city, since I am afraid pickpockets will get to my backpack

I find these are way better ina sightseeing trip than a purse since they fit more items in them, and are easier to clean. The reality is that when you are walking around all day getting on and off the subway and into cabs and waiting in long crowded lines your items are going to get dirty or scratched, and something like a Longchamp tote shows wear far less than a favorite purse. 

3. Sweater. I like to bring one sweater (or sweatshirt depending on the formality of where you are going) that matches everything I am wearing. Even in the summer, or very hot locations, chances are you’ll get wet in the rain or be caught off guard by super low AC, so it’s worth it to have a sweater that can be worn every day. I like all of these:

4. Bandaids. No matter how comfortablue my shoes are, I always wish I had bandaids with my after a long day of walking. I like to keep a box in my duffel so I never forget. 

5. Travel sized hair tools. I always regret it when I don’t bring a travel blow drier and straightener. At the end if they day, my hair gets frizzy from walking around all day and I want a way to tame it the next morning, so it’s worth the extra room in my luggage.   

6. Face wipes. I use these to take my makeup off after a long day and also to clean. Since they aren’t liquid they don’t get all over my other toiletries, and they are great for cleaning my seat and the airplane tray table.  

7. Book light. Since it’s so easy to accidentally wake other people up in a hotel room, I love having a dim light I can use to read by, or even navigate the hotel room without waking everyone else up in the middle of the night.  

8. Snacks. I love having some extra granola bars (these are my current favorite) and tea in hand for those hangry moments we all have. Getting super hungry when there’s no food in sight is the worst, and can really dampen the mood of an otherwise perfect afternoon. When we were in France for our honeymoon I got so hungry on the train, like the kind where you’re going to be sick, and we couldn’t get any food for hours. I really happened the whole morning, and is a mistake I don’t want to make again. 

9. Sunscreen. Sun care is very important no matter where you’re going, and it’s important to reapply all day. I always get a number of the small travel sized tubes from Target, and then carry one around all day. They even fit in your pocket if there’s a reason you don’t want a bag.  

10. Tylenol. Vacations are one of the only times that I give in and take Advil or Tylenol for a headache since I don’t want to miss out in a once and a lifetime experience, and since  I don’t have the luxury of a long shower and lie down in my own bed. Getting these at the hotel can be really expensive though, so I lake to keep a bottle in my bag just in case. 

Do you have any must lack vacation items? I’d love to hear your travel tips!